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Me with my printer on "Bring your Printer to Work" day
Oshw-logo.png This user is a member with interest and knowledge of Open Source Hardware.
Reprap.png This user is a member with an interest and knowledge of 3-D printing.


My name is Maxwell Curtis, and I am a 5th year Mechanical Engineer graduating in 2016. Most of my background is in Manufacturing, with some experience in Design. I am working on a bolt-sorting device for my Senior Capstone Design project, and am working with Dr. Gershenson on bringing 3D printers to rural hospitals in Africa. I am in-progress with designing a folding delta printer frame.

In what little free time I have, I am a member of Sigma Rho Fraternity, which I have been since Fall 2014. I also enjoy backpacking, mountain biking, canoeing, photography, snowboarding, PC gaming, and exploring.

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