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This is just an experiment. Maybe I'll add __hashtags__ for twitter, so link & summary collections will be easier.



This is highly subjective, I realise. Items in lists are not in a particular order. Please skip if you dislike any of it.

  • Values (what we value). They can be contradictory: e.g. safety & novelty. They include: Safety, Freedom of movement & choice, Justice, Whole of humanity ...
  • Qualities (the muscle for our values). They tend to work better in pairs (e.g. truthfulness & kindness) and maybe even in triplets. They include: Hacker ethics (show me the code, etc), Truthfulness / Kindness, Responsibility for own actions / Demanding rightfully/kindly from others (one word?)...
  • Insights & bigger picture: Treat everyone (even yourself) as a volunteer. Treat yourself well enough so you may continue to function. This pandemic is happening "this side of climate change". What world do we want, really? How are we going to do this? If something's not working or debated endlessly, try going back to first principles thinking, and test.
  • Lessons learned & Known unknowns: ...



  • Virus
  • People
  • Systems


  • websites

Global situational awareness

  • Epidemic
  • Vital services/functions
  • Vital supplies

Local situational awareness

  • Epidemic
  • Vital services/functions
  • Vital supplies



Prophylaxis: pre/post exposure

Treatment as prevention

Because treatment reduces # of contagious & their time of contagiousness

Non-pharmaceutical interventions

  • Quarantine
  • Masks / PPE


Medication symptomatic

Medication specific

Antibodies, survivour serum

Postural draining

Ventilator at correct pressure & O2

Vital / SCIM




Nation-state - and beyond


  • What OODA is
  • How to use it in this context

First steps

These are just a few things I'd like to work on. Everyone would put their own first steps in their own copy of this page. Ideally, the global picture would be shared, and other sections would be shared but with private annotations; how to do that, no idea - a project in its own right!

  • Test homemade masks, first principles
  • Excubator family
  • SCIM video
  • Emergency permaculture, climate analogues
  • Syndromic surveillance and tests (ill, immune), contact tracing & containment, a citizen manual
  • Home care for severe cases
  • Minimising contact in food delivery

Next steps

  • Still in lockdown
  • Unlockdown
  • Beyond, but still within the pandemic

Longer view

  • UN/WHO reform?
  • A SCIM/OODA world?
  • Tech needed?
  • Money?