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An apricot!

About Me

Name: Leigha Roeder

Quick info:

I love to draw! (I tend to gravitate towards more realistic-like drawings of both plants and animals, nature in general)

I also love to dance and have been a part of color guard (it's a bit difficult to describe, so check it out here ---> [1] ), an activity which incorporates it, for the past three years. It's changed me immensely as a person by not only improving my skills in the activity but also in team cooperation, leadership, and maturity.

And finally...I love the environment! It sounds like such a non-specific thing to say but this love for the world around us and living as close as we can without harming it is without a doubt the reason I'm here today.

This is also my first year at Humboldt State, but even so I am particularly looking forward to my next five years here! The atmosphere here is absolutely beautiful here and the people even more so...speaking of which I don't think I have ever met or been a part of a community whose interests have matched mine so similarly. So as you can see it's quite easy to see why I have fallen in love in such a short about of time :)

Interests in Engineering

I'm fascinated with renewable energy, especially solar panels and the entire concept of obtaining energy from one of the most natural sources of energy this earth has been using for the past few billions of years. I want to work towards a more sustainable future for the world as a whole, and being involved in a program such as this seems like one of the best things I can do right now for this. Another possible energy system I would be interested in is tidal power; I feel a very close connection to our oceans and being able to work with them and naturally use some of their power would be amazing. However (as with most renewable energy systems), there is so much potential for future success but not enough implementation or efficiency, and that's what I want to work with and/or remedy.

Experience in Engineering

I don't have much experience in actual engineering classes earlier than last semester with ENGR 115, but I've always enjoyed understanding how objects and processes work, and had always had a creative mind since I was young.


Here are a few examples of some of my work so far. It includes (in order):

- A sample Excel spreadsheet. - A sample cover memo written to turn in with an assignment. - An autoCAD drawing of the proposed green roof project our ENGR 215 group, the Dunegineers, had planned to build this Spring 2012 semester. - The document that accompanied the designing of our ENGR 215 group's project: an educational living green roof model.