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Joined 5 October 2016
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Me, at Strawberry Rock, Arcata, CA

About Me

Katherine Nunes-Siciliani
I'm currently 20 years old and am pursuing a degree in Sociology at Humboldt State University. I am from Modesto, CA, an area that is not generally known for being environmentally friendly. This has inspired me to learn about practical changes individuals can make to their lifestyles in order to help the world at large. I'm particularly interested in micro level sustainability, so small scale changes individuals can make in their own homes.

Interests in Technology and the Environment

  • Solar Energy
  • Rainwater diversion/reuse
  • Energy use reduction

Experience in Technology and/or the Environment

  • Global Club (Gregori High School, Modesto, CA)
  • ENGR 308 Technology and the Environment (Humboldt State University)
  • Some Gardening/Compost Experience