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== Medical Devices ==
Yes, I'm here! [http://breakset.com Breakset] is my home on the web.
* Use [[Form:Medical Device]] to add new Health Devices.
This is my son and I in 2009 when he was 9 months old.
* Devices are automatically part of [[:Category:Medical Devices]].
* They use [[Template:Medical Device]].
* Devices have the following Properties,
** [[Property:Medical Device Topic]]
** [[Property:Medical Device Classification]]
** [[Property:Medical Device Scope]]
** [[Property:Medical Device Location]]
* [[Special:Ask]] can be used to semantically search Health Devices and build Queries such as,
** [[Malaria Medical Devices]]
== Semantic MediaWiki ==
== Semantic MediaWiki ==

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Yes, I'm here! Breakset is my home on the web.

This is my son and I in 2009 when he was 9 months old.


Semantic MediaWiki[edit]

All new semantic data should be added using Semantic Templates via Semantic Forms. The Quick start guide provides good guidance here.

After determining your data structure create it with Special:CreateClass.

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