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*[[Humboldt State University]]  
*[[Humboldt State University]]  
*[[Voluntary simplicity]]
*[[Voluntary simplicity]]
*[:Category:Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engr215 Intro to Design]]
*[http://www.appropedia.org/Category:Engr215_Introduction_to_Design Engr215 Intro to Design]
[[Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design]]

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Heidi Brueck

About Heidi Brueck

Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, I am now a student at Humboldt State University, and am currently studying Environmental Resources Engineering. My interests include cooking, photography, running, playing the guitar, and traveling.


  • My team designed a cover for the Flock House that will be on display in New York, in 2012. The details of this design can be seen here: Aluminum Awareness.
  • This Gantt Chart displays the time line for the Engr 215 Design Document.
  • This is a sample Autocad Drawing for our scale model specifications of the Flock House.
  • This is a sample memo.
  • Here is an example of a Spreadsheet.

Interests in Engineering

  • Water quality
  • Water resources management
  • Community projects

Experience in Engineering

  • Introduction to Energy course
  • Introduction to Engineering course
  • Introduction to Design Course
  • Aluminum Awareness

Favorite Websites