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Hometown: Halifax, NS
Interests: Engineering, Sailing, Travel, Outdoors
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I am a fourth year student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science at Queen's University. My technical interests include sustainable infrastructure, life-cycle analysis, energy auditing and retrofitting, and ergonomic design.

Learning - School - Courses


I am currently enrolled in the following courses:

Some courses I have previously completed include:

  • MECH 495 - Ergonomic Design
  • MECH 480 - Aerospace Engineering
  • MECH 478 - Biomaterials
  • MECH 460 - Design Project
  • MECH 462 - Design Project Implementation
  • MECH 414 - Machine Design
  • CHEE 481 - Air Quality Management


Through my coursework in Mech425, I have developed a spreadsheet to calculate the projected cost and energy savings that can be achieved by telecommuting in the workplace. I am currently working on an article outlining the means by which composting can be implemented as an appropriate technology to generate fertilizer.

Philosophy of Learning

I'm not that smart but I try to make up for it by living passionately and working hard.

I am interested in learning about ecological economics as well as the arguments on both sides of the sustainable growth-versus-degrowth debate. I believe that we as students, learners, thinkers and motivators have a responsibility to lead the charge to effect pragmatic changes to solve global challenges.

Applying - Work - Experience

I have worked for two years in the geophysical exploration industry based out of Calgary, Alberta. Prior to that I had summer employment at a firm specializing in building systems design and energy retrofits. At Queen's University I have been involved with the Engineering Society in the development of the Tea Room, an enterprise operating upon a conceptual foundation of environmental responsibility, education, and fiscal sustainability. Additionally, I was involved through the Alma Mater Society in the initial design phase of the Queen's Centre.

Interests - Sharing - References

In the News

  • Interesting article that discusses about the future of charitable work and the emergence of social enterprise while referring specifically to Craig Kielburger's Kids Can Free the Children foundation.

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