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|Image:Coming_soon.jpg| [[Title of your science project here]]
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|Image:Coming_soon.jpg| [[Title of your OSAT project here]]

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Haley Alexis Edie
20180821 105049.jpg
Hello! I am Haley Alexis Edie. A 4th year mechanical engineering student at Michigan Technological University. I have a passion for dreaming and creating things yet to be imagined. Whenever time permits I get out and explore the beautiful Keweenaw that I live in during the school year and bake when weather doesn’t permit the former (or just because).

Haley Alexis Edie is concluding her time at Michigan Technological University where she is finishing up her Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. She has held three successful internships with Dassault Systèmes, Byton, and Autodesk. While on campus she has worked as a TA assistant for both the Mechanical Engineering Practice I course and Introduction to Manufacturing. She spent most of her youth in Michigan but has traveled to various locations within the continental United States and has plans of traveling Europe in the near future. She is an avid FIRST robotics fanatic and is Vice President of Copper Country Robotics – a robotics club on her campus that mentors local FIRST teams in the area as well as volunteers at events. After graduation, Haley plans to pursue a career in the research and development field of work.

Open Source 3-D Printing Course

Mini Projects

My Athena II making a U.P. keychain.  
My print failure - caused by calibration issues.  

Big Projects

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