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In February 2018 announced that it would be shutting down. The scheduled closure of services is: "Classroom and Free Wikis end of service: 31st July 2018; Plus and Super Wikis end of service: 30th September 2018; Private Label Wikis end of service: 31st January 2019" Appropedia could serve as a new home for the content currently hosted on sustainability-related wikis on Wikispaces. Below is an list of some of the relevant wikis.

Admins can export their wikis' data by following these instructions.

Wikispaces has been particularly popular with educators. They may be interested in Appropedia's focus on service learning and other education resources.

URL Topics License Active? Related website / org. Status various BY-SA yes email sent various BY-SA no agroforestry BY-SA no appro tech BY-SA yes possibly interested vermicomposing  ? yes possibly interested biochar BY-SA no education BY-SA yes ecology BY-SA no various BY-SA no sanitation  ? yes engineering BY-SA yes permaculture, ecofeminism BY-SA no various BY-SA yes various BY-SA yes permaculture BY-SA no vegetarian BY-SA no geography  ?  ? mycology BY no ecology BY-SA  ? various BY-SA yes permaculture BY-NC-SA yes email sent eco travel BY-SA yes permaculture BY-SA no permaculture  ? no email sent permaculture BY-NC-SA no email sent permaculture BY-SA no interested permaculture BY-SA no eco travel BY-SA yes ecology BY-SA  ? soil BY-SA no permaculture BY-NC-ND yes interested info science BY-SA yes various BY-SA yes ecology BY-SA no vermicomposting BY-SA no various BY-SA no various BY-SA no