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To do list square.jpg This is a user's tasks page - it is used to track Appropedia-related tasks. Feel free to comment on the talk page, or to add to the page if invited to do so.


I'm setting goals to stretch myself, so that I strategize how to reach them. Here are some of them. I chose the dates as something to aim for (no specific meaning - just x weeks or months from when I set the goal).

  • Find 3 more tech interns - 11 May 2011 Confirmed one more, for a total of 3. Decided that number of tech interns is good for now. Aim to have 3 or 4 at any one time? => One more for June 2011.
  • Make outline of a fundraising campaign - 15 June 2011
  • Get some mainstream media coverage for Appropedia - 14 June 2011
  • Find funding, including: $20,000 in sponsorship - 19 June 2011
  • Find 3 corporate volunteers - 19 Aug 2011
  • 1 million page views per month for Appropedia (up from ~0.5 million currently) - 19 Aug 2011

Current projects

  • Looking for funding - going through lists of potential funders for potential matches.
  • How to raise our profile? (-> traffic and media)
    • Identify controversial and current topics, & link from front page.
      • -> Need a main page team. This might be mainly a community-building issue - need a few admins as members, so there's always someone who can actually update the page.
      • How to identify controversial content? Someone who follows the news and writes content. Talk with Wikinews community.
      • Look for journalism student intern to lead this content, or is that stretching too far? Communications intern?
  • Get work started on bot tasks
  • How to handle "interesting stubs" e.g. Plastic bottle greenhouse. Socmed -> "Can you add to our page on...?"
  • How to request synopses - special case of the copyedit tag, adding pages to a subcategory? {{add summary}}? (On Plastic_Sheeting_for_Emergency_Shelter_and_Other_Purposes I used {{copyedit|Add summary of the original document - at least take something from its introduction would help. Use your own words, as we do not have permission to use the document's text.}} - adapt this, with Help:Notices.)


BetterMeans (when I have a good connection):

Interns and volunteers

Category cleanup

Cleanup & make consistent the subcategories of:

Please add to this list. To link a category, use a colon, like this: [[:Category:Wind]]

Request help via blog - draft:

Over a breakfast meeting with Mitra Ardron recently, he described how he's someone who prefers to navigate via categories, rather than search - and he'd come up with some examples on Appropedia that are very confusing.

Now, anyone can edit the categories in a wiki, but it's best if final changes are made by someone who's been working with the wiki and with the categories for a long time - so I'm putting out a request for help. Have a look through our categories, by:

  • looking up topics you're interested in, or
  • browsing the Category Tree.

Find examples of confusing categories - places where categories are duplicated, badly named, or you wouldn't know which category to use on a page. Then paste the category names or links in the comments below.


Moving categories

Dev wiki

Change group membership on dev site after update:

  • User:Tahnokbot from (none) to Bots ‎
  • User:Munimortal from (none) to Administrators, Bureaucrats and Widget editors ‎ (tech intern)
  • User:RichardF from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors ‎ (play with widgets)
  • User:Tahnok from (none) to Administrators, Bureaucrats and Widget editors ‎ (have fun :-))
  • User:Woozle from (none) to Administrators and Widget editors ‎ (may wish to help with site dev)
  • User:Willd from (none) to Administrators ‎ (to play with new features esp semantic)


Misc jobs

On hold...

Hoping for help with some of these

  • Wikilink bot
  • Categorization bot
  • Writing articles...
  • Turning raw ported content into articles.