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{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="color:DarkBlue;">User:Chriswaterguy</span>~appropedia}}
{{DISPLAYTITLE:<span style="color:DarkBlue;">User:Chriswaterguy</span>&#126;appropedia}}
{{Userboxtop|About me:}}
{{Userboxtop|About me:}}
<big><big>Chris Watkins</big></big><br>
<big><big>Chris Watkins</big></big><br>

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a.k.a. Chriswaterguy

archival photograph...

I'm Chris Waterguy. Here is a very old photo of me (and this page is for anyone looking for Chris Watkins based on an old connection)

Track changes: Water · Flood control · Water conservation · Water supply· Solar distillation · Rainwater

Track changes: Sanitation · Composting toilet

Track changes: Culture and development Template:Userboxbreak Registered on Appropedia on 26 June 2006. Template:Boxbottom

About me

On the web:

I'm an engineer by training, and I'm passionate about

  • Understanding how our brains work and how to change behavior.
  • Making the most effective changes to resolve our environmental crises, and
  • Sharing knowledge to make a better world.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia (as of 2012) and am keen to work with others locally to help build up Appropedia, including documenting local solutions. Check A:Melbourne Appropedia Working Group and leave me a message if this interests you.

Contact me via my talk page, or try me on instant messenger:

The big Goog: singkong
Skype: same as my username here

Custom search engines

Sometimes I make custom search engines, such as Public Domain Search. They're somewhat out of date but can still be useful.

Thinking about

Knowledge-sharing projects with similar aims, such as:


Feel free to look at or use anything from my subpages.

What I do here


  • A:Service learning and related pages.
  • Brochures, firstly for service learning (with the skills of people who understand these graphic design and such).
  • Recruiting for our A:Internships and A:Volunteer positions.
  • A:Funding (hoping to have a crowdfunding campaign started for September)
  • Partnership with EWB-Australia, esp putting EWB Challenge finalist entries onto Appropedia.
  • Communications - getting more interaction happening between us in the Appropedia community, through A:IRC meetings or Google Hangouts, and by moderating the discussion lists.
  • Community interviews for the Appropedia blog. Planning to start in September 2012.
  • Blog posts about announcements, our vision, and why all this matters.
  • Appropedia social media

DID - in the past, and can help as needed:

  • Our spam filters & spam link blacklist.
  • Pywikipediabot for performing "gnome" tasks (I run ChriswaterguyBot)
  • Moving category pages to mainspace when needed (conserving history by using the export and import functions)
  • Work on the meta pages about Appropedia.
  • Promoting Appropedia (want to find interns and volunteers to work with on this, instead)
  • Welcoming new people. (You're still welcome - I just don't patrol new users!)

WANT - but don't have time to do myself:

  • Porting - esp finding help in converting appropriate PDF documents and web pages to MediaWiki markup. This can be a great intern job (esp if the intern has access to Adobe Reader Professional).


For those of you who don't know much about Australia:

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