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|File:IMG 2958.JPG|Bunk Bed Hook
|File:IMG 2958.JPG|Bunk Bed Hook
|File:IMG 2961.JPG|Bunk Bed Hook on Dorm Bed
|File:IMG 2961.JPG|Bunk Bed Hook on Dorm Bed
|File:SpoolMain.JPG|Zeni Kinetics Plastic Filament Spool Holder
|File:SpoolMain.JPG|Zeni Kinetics Plastic Filament Spool Holder [http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:507872]
|File:SpoolFlip.JPG|Filament Mount
|File:SpoolFlip.JPG|Filament Mount

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Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis
Andrew Wallis is a undergraduate student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


I am a 5th year undergraduate student at Michigan Tech double majoring in Computer and Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Aerospace Studies. My academic interests are widely varied, but they center around my fields of study; I am particularly interested in MEMS, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), embedded systems, computer organization/architecture, and wireless communications, however, I have a fascination with all sorts of technology and I welcome the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge.

I have been a member of the Aerospace Enterprise at Michigan Tech and am currently serving as Project Manager on a Ford sponsored design team as part of the Wireless Communications Enterprise. I am also the President of the Michigan Tech's chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society [2].


Summer 2014

While working as a SOCHE contractor for the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterons AFB, I performed wireless security research with a heavy emphasis on Bluetooth devices. Utilizing flaws within the Bluetooth protocol, I devised a method for intelligent stealth jamming of individual Bluetooth connections and wrote a research paper detailing how to exploit this weakness.

Summer 2013

As part of a NSF REU at Michigan Tech, I performed interdisciplinary research related to semi-truck fuel efficiency by designing and building electronic controls for full scale semi-truck transmission simulator. At the conclusion of the project, I presented research project to Michigan Tech faculty and participated in undergraduate poster presentation [3]. In addition, during the summer as part of the research program I designed an Arduino based controller and sensors for 5th wheel used to log coast down and drive cycle data with data acquisition package (PLX-DAQ) and taught a Simulink based closed loop controls seminar to undergraduate students.

Delta Prints

Tests and Classwork
Rock Wall Hold (front view)  
Rock Wall Hold (back view)  
Coaster with Heart Celtic Knot  
Other Items
Bunk Bed Hook  
Bunk Bed Hook on Dorm Bed  
Zeni Kinetics Plastic Filament Spool Holder [4]  
Filament Mount  
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