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(Andrew Wallis)
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!Andrew Wallis
!Andrew Wallis
![[Image:ProfileAppro.jpg|thumb|center|upright=1.25|Andrew Wallis is a undergraduate student in the [ Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering]]]
![[Image:ProfileAppro.jpg|thumb|center|upright=1.25|Andrew Wallis working on the Oculus-ASR satellite at Michigan Tech]]

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Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis
Andrew Wallis working on the Oculus-ASR satellite at Michigan Tech


I'm a software engineer with a B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering and a minor in Aerospace Studies from Michigan Tech. I'm interested in MEMS, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), embedded systems, computer organization and architecture, and wireless communications, however, I have a fascination with all sorts of technology and I welcome the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge.

During my undergrad, I was a member of the Aerospace Enterprise at Michigan Tech and served as Project Manager for the Wireless Communications Enterprise on multiple projects. I also servered as the President of the Michigan Tech's chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the Engineering Honor Society [5].


Summer 2014

While working as a SOCHE contractor for the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterons AFB, I performed wireless security research with a heavy emphasis on Bluetooth devices. Utilizing flaws within the Bluetooth protocol, I devised a method for intelligent stealth jamming of individual Bluetooth connections and wrote a research paper detailing how to exploit this weakness.

Summer 2013

As part of a NSF REU at Michigan Tech, I performed interdisciplinary research related to semi-truck fuel efficiency by designing and building electronic controls for full scale semi-truck transmission simulator. At the conclusion of the project, I presented research project to Michigan Tech faculty and participated in undergraduate poster presentation [6]. In addition, during the summer as part of the research program I designed an Arduino based controller and sensors for 5th wheel used to log coast down and drive cycle data with data acquisition package (PLX-DAQ) and taught a Simulink based closed loop controls seminar to undergraduate students.

Delta Prints

My Creations
3D Printed Otoscope Build Instructions  
Bunk Bed Hook [7]  
Bunk Bed Hook on Dorm Bed  
Zeni Kinetics Plastic Filament Spool Holder [8]  
Filament Mount  
Single Crystal Silicon Model [9]  
Rock Wall Hold (front view)  
Rock Wall Hold (back view)  
Coaster with Heart Celtic Knot [10]  
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