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Hotend.JPG This page is part of a Principia course ENGR242: 3-D Printing Technology

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My name is Abigail DeWeese and I am a Junior at Principia College. I'm double majoring in Political Science and Global Studies with a minor in History. Originally, I'm from Dallas, TX where I discovered my love of BBQ and country music like a true southerner. While at school, I enjoy painting, running, and planning the upcoming Public Affairs Conference. I signed up for 3D Printing because traditional forms of science classes are not my expertise and it sounded interesting. My printer has yet to fully work, but I'm excited to eventually print something successfully.

Reflection on Open Source Movement

Truthfully,I don't know much regarding the Open Source Movement, but I believe that it's a movement that advocates open access to code so that everyone has the opportunity to utilize and or improve upon it. Personally, I find their dedication to widespread knowledge attractive and admirable. This was incredibly helpful while building my Jellybox printer because there were a few times I did not have the necessary part (I have an older model) and I was able to download and print the part because someone had made it available. In the future, I believe it'd be very helpful if other spheres of knowledge followed the philosophy of the open source movement. There is a lot that could be solved or education to be shared if more people simply had access to the information.

Demo stuff

My First Print First print.jpg
Next Project


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