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This is the {{tmbox}} or talk page message box meta-template.

It is used to build message box templates for talk pages, such as wikipedia:Template:central etc. It offers several different colours, uses default images if no image parameter is given and it has some other features.

This template should normally not be used for WikiProject banners. They have special needs and thus have their own meta-templates. See the External links section below for links.

This template works similarly to {{ambox}} and uses the same parameters.

For details, see the documentation on the wikipedia:Template:Tmbox page on Wikipedia.

There are several meta-templates in the mbox family:

  • {{ambox}} – For article message boxes.
  • {{tmbox}} – For talk page message boxes.
  • {{imbox}} – For file (image) page message boxes.
  • {{cmbox}} – For category message boxes.
  • {{ombox}} – For other pages message boxes.
  • {{mbox}} – Has namespace detection, for message boxes that are used on several types of pages and thus need to change style depending on what page they are used on.

Closely related meta-templates:

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