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Will no one stop Poland destroying Europe’s most precious forest? Apr 3 [1]

Polish government backs small farmers' and food sovereignty, January 25 [2]

Poland air pollution: Why Krakow’s domestic coal ban is a big deal, January 21 [3]


Almost everyone in Poland wants more renewables, October 22 [4]


Is the world's greatest green roof in Warsaw? Joe Peach, April 21 [5]


Clean Up the World weekend 2010: From the Baltic coast to the Kampinoski National Park in east-central Poland, Our Earth Foundation will lead thousands of volunteers in clean up activities across Poland over Clean Up the World Weekend. Our Earth Foundation is celebrating its 17th year as a Clean Up the World participant and is one of over 60 organisations who have been involved with the campaign for more than 5 years. [6] September 15


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