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Appropedia ni wiki kwa hiyo unao uwezo wa kuhariri na kuchangia maelezo na kushirikiana na wengine kupunguza madhara duniani yaani ecological footprint ili kuishi kitajiri na kindugu na mazingira yetu na maliasili. Unaweza kuanza kuchangia baada ya kutengeneza akaunti au ingia kama tayari unayo akaunti.


This template is intended to be included in all articles in Kiswahili. Only the above Kiswahili text will be included in the article. It will categorize the article in the Kiswahili category. To insert the template in an article, place the following at the beginning of the article:


Rough english translation (via Google Translate): Appropedia is a wiki so you have the ability to edit and share information and collaborate with others to reduce the impact global ecological footprint to live rich and brotherhood with our environment and natural resources. You can start contributing after making an account or log in if you already have an account.