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Creates a Google search link for the supplied term. By default, the search link is for the name of the page it is put on, if no term is present.


Type this To get this What it searches for
{{subst:google}} Search the Web with Google for: doc Pages with the phrase "Google", because the name of this page that you are reading is "Template:Google"
{{subst:google|Godzilla}} Search the Web with Google for: Godzilla Pages with the term "Godzilla".
{{subst:google|Godzilla Rodan}} Search the Web with Google for: Godzilla Rodan Pages which contain "Godzilla" and "Rodan".
{{subst:google|"Godzilla Movie"}} Search the Web with Google for: "Godzilla Movie" Pages with the phrase "Godzilla Movie".
{{subst:google|1 pound in kilograms {{=}}}} Search the Web with Google for: 1 pound in kilograms = Use to add an sign to trigger Google Calculator.

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