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TB Rapid Test Project

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Health Topic Tuberculosis
Classification Diagnosis
Scope Prototype
Location Europe

Problem being addressed

Rapid diagnosis is critical for the treatment and containment of tuberculosis. Traditional methods are either both expensive and time consuming or inaccurate. In resource-limited areas, finding an inexpensive, accurate, and timely solution is necessary to help curb the spread of TB.

Detailed description of the solution

TB Rapid Test (TBRT) Project utilizes over 2500 serum/saliva samples that have been collected from patients. The project seeks to identify antigens that characterize the many strains of tuberculosis. The TBRT provides about 70% sensitivity, a specificity of 95%, and faster results. The reduced diagnostic delay and expedited referral and treatment can help to reduce the number of TB infections, especially in resource-limited areas where waiting for diagnostic results is not always practical.

Designed by

  • Designed by: Carol Holm-Hansen from Norwegian Institute of Public Health (primary investigator)
  • Manufacturer (if different): n/a
  • Manufacturer location: n/a

When and where it was tested/implemented

Test samples have been collected from patients across the globe.

Funding Source

Received grant from Grand Challenges in Global Health (May 2010). Also has funding from Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the Research Council of Norway.


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