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Syringe pump literature review

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Commercial Syringe Pump Spec Sheet

Name Price Description Flowrate Force Additional Specs Website
Sono Tek Syringe Pump $1,800 Accepts up to 2 of the same types of syringes, capacity range from 10μ to 60mL. Also has additional valving that can set up the pump to fill the syringe. Minimum: .001 m/min Maximum: 30 mL/min N/A *single shot and continuous flow operations [1]
GenieTouch Syringe Pump $675 The pump always knows how much is left in the syringe and how much the handle can be pushed down. Accuracy is based on carraige position detection, which is +/- 0.2mm. Minimum: .001 uL/hr Maximum: 220.82 mL/min Maximum: 20kg of linear force *auto positioning/stalling detection *multi-directional left or right application [2]
NE-4000 Programmable Double Syringe Pump $928 Dual pump system allows for continuous infusion or emulsification. Network, control, and monitor up to 100 pumps with one computer. Maximum: 102 mL/min Maximum: 100 lbs (at min speed) or 18 lbs(at max speed) *Dispensing accuracy of +/-1% *Max pumping rate: 6120 mL/hr with a B-D 60 cc syringe *Syringe inside diameter range: 0.100 to 50.00 mm [3] [4]
NE-300 "Just Infusion" Syringe Pump $260 Maximum: 25 mL/min N/A *up to 60mL syringes *infusion rate can be changed while pumping *INFUSES ONLY [5]
Fusion Touch 400 Syringe Pump $1,350 From Chemyx, and can run on select versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. Minimum: 2pL/min (0.5 uL syringe Maximum: 10 mL/min (10 mL syringe) Maximum: 50 lbs *Step Resolution is 0.016 microns *Accuracy ± 0.35% *Reproducibility ± 0.05% [6]
Cole-Parmer Dual Syringe Infusion Pump $2,606 Minimum: 0.001 uL/hr Maximum: 147 mL/min Maximum: 40 lbs/sq. in *Accepts 10 µL to 140 mL syringes *Reproducibility ± 0.2% *Accuracy ± 0.5% *Power: 115 VAC [7]