Spoon Fork Knife

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Spoon Fork Knife
Spoon Fork Knife 1.jpg
Description This OSAT is a Spoon Fork and Knife Combo. This is an open source utensil design.
Intended use cooking, development, hobbyism
Keywords 3D printing, spork, knife, camping, eating utensil
Authors User:
Project status Prototype
Project was made? Yes
Project was made independently? No
Countries of design United States
Main materials Plastic
Estimated cost USD $ 0.13
SDG SDG03 Good health and well-being
Documentation data
Language English
Manifest data
Language English
Updated 2020-06-04
Author Kathy Nativi
Author affiliation Appropedia
Author email info@appropedia.org

Spoon Fork KnifeEdit

Created by Austin Ketterhagen


  1. This OSAT is a Spoon Fork and Knife Combo.
  2. A Completed Spoon Fork Knife can be seen on the right
  3. Thingiverse Link http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1184790/#files

Bill of MaterialsEdit

CAD Files

  • See Thingiverse Page


Extra Parts

  • There are not other parts needed for this tool.

Tools needed for fabrication of the OSATEdit

  1. MOST Delta RepRap or similar RepRap 3-D printer

Skills and Knowledge Necessary to Make the OSATEdit

  • There is no special skills needed to make this tool.

Technical Specifications and Assembly InstructionsEdit

  1. If any changes to the design want to be done, open the FreeCAD file and adjust the parameters.
  2. Slicing instructions
    1. Fill % = 100
    2. Speed = 70 mm/sec
    3. Layer Height = .10 mm
    4. Support Needed for Spoon
  3. Print time with above settings will be 45 minutes
  4. There is no assembly time

Common Problems and SolutionsEdit

Removing build support from spoon side can be difficult. I suggest sanding it smooth after build support removal.

Cost savingsEdit

Cost of creating this Spoon

  *Filament needed: 5.9 g
  *At a cost of $22 a kilogram the total cost is $0.13

Commercial Equivalents

  *$7.19 ([1])

Saving amount

  *The savings are $7.06
  *The percentage of the cost savings is 98.2%


Spoon Fork Knife
Spoon Fork Knife 1  
Spoon Fork Knife 2  
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