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Use Li-ion Batteries Instead of Alkaline

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Finally - brand new Li-Ion cells are available on the market - but they are more expensive than traditional alkaline cells by far. For this project, we'll use cells recycled from an old laptop battery pack. Often, when laptop battery packs age or fail, some cells will degrade much faster than others. Even if a pack is completely nonfunctional (in a laptop), often some individual cells within the pack still have useful life. The packs can be carefully disassembled, and individual cells charged and tested. For this project, we'll use "18650" Lithium Ion cells, that were harvested from a non-functioning 2007-era laptop.
# Picture of completed print using your printer [[Image:Wood_WorkingClamp_PartsDlbrinks_3v_lion.pngjpg|200px|right]]
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