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Use Li-ion Batteries Instead of Alkaline

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== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
# Provide directions for print/assembly - be detailed enough in your “how to” to ensure that someone could construct the device from your description. Consider the elegance of IKEA like instructions.# Include print Print time estimate: 60 minutes# Include assembly Assembly time estimate: 30 minutesIn short, we'll be wiring up the appropriate battery terminals to the input of the # Including drawings or pictures After printing the 18650 holder design, insert metal battery spring clips into each end of the device at stage cell holder. The pointed contact end, with the hole for a wire, should be toward the bottom of assembly at minimumthe cell holder. (http://www.appropediaBend these metal tails outward, so they're exposed on either end of the battery holder, and can be soldered to.org/Special:Upload)# Consider video if appropriateSolder short wires to the battery terminals.{|style="border:1px solid #73BF73; backgroundWires should wrap around, under the battery holder, to a hollow area where the Li-color: #E6FFE6; marginIon protection circuit can be mounted. Solder the wire from the positive battery terminal to the contact marked B+ on the board, and solder the wire from the negative battery terminal to the contact marked B-left:on the board.1em; margin-top:2px; -moz-border-radius:15px;" align="right" width="150px"!<big>Example video summary # Power will come out of textbook</big>|this board on the P-and P+. Solder short wires to these pads.|<center>{{#widget:YouTube|id=yiJDx9dCfEQ}} </center>|-|}We'll run these output wires underneath the board, and out the side, where our regulator circuit can be mounted.
=== Common Problems and Solutions===


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