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'''Jun 11''' [[UK Climate news]]: Theresa May commits to net zero UK carbon emissions by 2050 <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref><br clear=all>
[[File:Allotments - Sheffield.jpg|100px|left]]
'''Jun 2''' [[Resources_UK#Networks|Network (UK)]]: Alternative Editorial: Capturing and Surfing the Wave <ref>[ The Alternative UK]</ref><br clear=all>
'''May 8''' [[Cambridgeshire]]: Marmalade Lane: the car-free, triple-glazed, 42-house oasis <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref><br clear=all>
'''May 5''' [[Localism UK]]: Don’t look to national politics for hope: you’ll find it thriving in local councils, John Harris <ref>[ The Guardian]</ref><br clear=all>
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