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== Other Projects ==
===These are some of the larger projects that I have done for fun over the years.===
'''Fall 2018:''' 3D Printed Injection Mold: Mold is made from High Temp filament, and can successfully mold in PLA, ABS and TPE.
'''Fall 2018:''' 3D printed Electric Skateboard: Includes a 3D printed deck made on the Gigabot X from recycled ABS pellets. The belt, truck risers and bushings are all 3D printed in Ninjaflex TPU.
[[File:E skateboard.jpg|600px]]
'''Summer 2018:''' Mostly 3D printed CNC Machine that can cut Wood and Aluminum: (Designed by V1 Engineering)
[[File:MPCNC built.jpg|600px]]
'''Summer 2016:''' 3D Printed Drone, this was my first 3D printed project (Designed by Hovership)


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