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Dial Indicator

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== Technical Specifications and Assembly Instructions==
# Customize & Print 2 copies Download and print the plastic components listed in the bill of the Hemostatsmaterials* It is recommended to print around 30 mm/s Recommended: Print with a 100% infillat 0.25mm layer thickness or less, print speed may vary depending on printer# Clean burrs and excess plastic from parts that may be remaining from print# Orient Align the corresponding components from the bill of materials to the two printed pieces so thatpictures posted below while ensuring:## The All holes align## The finger holes All gears mesh together## L# Assemble Fasteners so that the head of the screws are on the face of the prints indicator and washers are on opposite sides both mating surfaces## Locking wedges are pointing toward each other for proper engagement# Insert bolt into hole. (Direction does not matter)Lightly tighten fasteners so that gears spin freely with minimal slop# Engage the nut onto the bolt.Assemble needle so that needle is spaced away from dial face# Tighten with very little force using a screw driver and a wrench. (Over tightening will the limit the ability of the hemostats.
== Common Problems and Solutions==
* Make sure that the wedges that lock into each other are both wide enough and deep enough so that they do not break when you try and lock the Hemostats down.


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