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Sanctuary sink to toilet greywater system

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==How to build==
Shut First, shut off the toilet and sink from the water supply line valves to the sink and toilet located underneath the appliances and attached to the wall. Next replace the tiny fill tube leading to the overflow pipe located in the tank of the toilet with a vinyl tubing. This vinyl tubing is to be connected under the sink where the hot water line would normally be connected. Some clamps may be necessary to ensure the tubing is watertight. Once this is accomplished, part of the toilets toilet's fresh water should now flow through the sink when the toilet is flushed, meanwhile, the main fill valve fills the toilet tank as any toilet would. Finally, to reuse the water dispersed from the sink's faucet, the water flows down the sink drain to a series of PVC pipes. The pipes are arranged with a sufficient drop to allow the water to flow back towards the toilet tank and into the overflow tube as originally designed and end up in the toilet bowlfrom the rim holes.
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