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Mobile photovoltaic applications literature review

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'''Adiyabat, A., Kurokawa, K., 2002. Performance analysis of portable photovoltaic power generation systems based on measured data in Mongolia. Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, 2002. Conference Record of the Twenty-Ninth IEEE 1664 – 1667.''' [].
The paper describes the research given on exploitation of a portable PV system designated to provide electric power for nomadic campuses camps in Mongolia. The locations are featured low temperatures and humidity.
The portable system consists of a PV module, comprising a PV panel with rated output of 204 W and leg block, charge controller, inverter, two lead-acid batteries of 12V, 70 Ah and also data acquisition unit. The system is rated at a load of approximately 280 Wh/day that provides electric power for radio, television, incandescent and fluorescent lamps.
Yearly average in-plane irradiance varies from 4.71 to 4.88 kWh/m2 per day. Due to higher electric power demand and lower irradiance during winter season, disconnection losses are lower in winter and higher in summer time.

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