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The OSSTIP Project - Summary and Work Packages: - adding PTUA pages
:[[OSSTIP/WP4- Display of current Melbourne PT network in chosen tool]]
:[[OSSTIP/WP5- Workflow for conversion of GIS data into PT network schedule]]
:[[OSSTIP/WP6- Capacity to modify and extend existing route lines from GTFS into new timetable]]
;OSSTIP Work Packages Developed with Beyond Zero Emissions
:[[OSSTIP/WPBZE1- Phase 1 Display of new BZE Network in OSSTIP]]
:[[OSSTIP/WPBZE3- Creation and configuration of web server to communicate BZE network reform proposals using interactive tool]]
:[[OSSTIP/WPBZE4- Conversion of refined BZE Version 2 network into timetable form and display in OSSTIP]]
;OSSTIP Work Packages Developed with the Public Transport Users' Association
:[[OSSTIP/WPPTUA1- Developing a timetable for a higher-frequency SmartBus network]]
:[[OSSTIP/WPPTUA2- Developing a timetable for an extended, higher-speed, higher-frequency tram network]]
:[[OSSTIP/WPPTUA3- Developing a timetable for an extended, higher-frequency train network]]
:[[OSSTIP/WPPTUA4- Integrating all proposed network changes into a multimodal OpenTripPlanner instance and generating analysis reports]]

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