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Practivistas Dominicana Program invitation

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'''<font size="5">Next MeetingNote:'''<br /></font>''''''<font size="4">(Tentative) Thursday, 11/20/14, 6:15-7:15pm, HGH 225 at Humboldt State University.Applications open again in 2020</font></div> 
In the Practivistas Dominicana program, each student lives with a unique family in Santo Domingo, while studying with local students in the prestigious UNIBE and working in one of two three different barrios on a project team with localstackling real problems with existing resources. The program is an intense six week immersion in many different aspects of Dominican culture along a wide breadth of socioeconomic classes. Students are expected to be, and received as, contributing members looking to learn how to improve living systems together.
In the summer of 2011, students studied appropriate technology and Spanish while working with community members of La Yuca to build a [[La Yuca ecoladrillo schoolroom| schoolroom from plastic bottles and concrete]], lit with [[La Yuca small scale renewable energy|solar and homemade wind power]] from bike parts and newspaper press waste, that catches its own [[La Yuca rainwater catchment|rainwater for cleaning and possibly drinking]].
This program is open to all skill levels, but does require some ability to do manual work and move around. Expect to work hard, learn a bunch, build lasting projects and friendships.
* [ Prezi for 2015]
==Tentative Details==
* Saturday, May 23rd - Saturday, July 4th, 2015Summer 2017* $3,650 860 (includes room, board, units, classroom facilities and deposit) * $120 health insurance* 8 Units: 2 Units of Spanishand six units (two of the following courses), depending on your track - ENGR 308 Technology and the Environment (Upper Division Area B GE), 3 Units ENVS 410 Environmental Science 370practicum, 3 Units Engineering ENGR 305 (Upper Division Area B GE) or special arrangement alternate such as Engineering , ENGR 215 (note that units are very tentative)Introduction to Design
* Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
* Partners: [ Colectivo Revark] (cultural liaisons and more), UNIBE (University), Appropedia (Information sharing)
#Complete [ Program Application]. '''Due Date: TBA3.23.18'''
# Complete Interview with HSU Practivistas Program Director, Lonny Grafman.
[[File:ChiapasVenn.png|thumb|right|400px|Venn Diagram of the three program courses.]]
===Important Dates===
In addition to monthly meetings, these are some of the '''tentativeVERY TENTATIVE''' important dates of the program:
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| Application due
| ASAPMonday, March 19th
| Last day for interview
| Friday, March 28th 30th (or by special arrangement)
| Deposit of $300 due
| Friday, April 18th 6th (or by special arrangement)
| Final Payment due
| Monday, May 5th7th, 20142018
| Pre-trip orientation
| Arrive Santo Domingo
| May 24th26th, 20142018
| Class orientation
| May 26th28th, 20142018
| Last class - Final Presentation
| July 4th6th, 20142018
| Last day of home-stay
| July 5th7th, 20142018
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Director's Assistant - Kiva Mahoney, []
[[User:Soysinlimites|Kiva's Appropedia user page]]
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[[File:Practivistas yes no registration for units.JPG|right|thumb|300px|Credit flowchart for Practivistas]]Don't let the engineering courses fool you. This program is not just for engineers. The best solutions to the toughest problems come from the most diverse teams. We are open to all majors and community members as well. The main courses for the summer program, totaling ten eight semester units, are as follows:* 2 Units of Spanish : '''SPAN 250''', Conversational Spanish Language * 6 units (2 semester unitstwo of the following courses)* Engineering 305, Appropriate depending on your track: '''ENGR 308''' Technology in Dominican Republic and the Environment (3 semester unitsUpper Division Area B GE)* , '''ENVS 410''' Environmental Science 370, Energypracticum, '''ENGR 305''' Appropriate Technology and Society (3 semester unitsUpper Division Area B GE) [this will be a different course in 2015], '''ENGR 215''' Introduction to Design   Note: This list is tentative. Exceptions and alternates can be made in some special cases (especially when a student has already completed one of the courses). ==Video==<center>{{#widget:YouTube|id=pc3C6OwfhOE}}</center>
== See More ==

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