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{{Template:ENGR215inprogress|May 15th, 2013TOCright}}[[File:Team superstar SCRAPHumboldt.jpg|thumb|left|300px|Team SuperStar]][[File:Team SuperStar poster.png|thumb|middle|375px|Project Poster]]
[[File:Team SuperStar poster.png|thumb|middle|375px]]
[[File:Team superstar SCRAPHumboldt.jpg|thumb|right|300px|]]
== Background ==
[[Engr215_Introduction_to_Design|Engineering 215]] is a design class at [[Humboldt State University]] that, each semester, partners with a local community business to improve student experience and to improve the business partner. For the 2013 Spring Semester, Engineering 215 has partnered with [[SCRAP Humboldt]], a non-profit organization that promotes creative reuse and up-cycling.
Team SuperStar's (pictured right) goal, and challenge, was to design a 3-D printed object that would add value to the waste stream. And that's what really makes the ''Solar Wax Melter with 3D Printed Molds'' different from other designs; it utilizes [[3-D printing]]. Molds for crayons and candles were created using the 3-D design software, AutoCadAutoCAD.
== Problem statement and criteria ==

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