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Small Parabolic Cooker for Jefferson Community Center

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[[File:Nick kevin cooker.JPG|thumb|right|500px|Kevin and Nick with the Papasan solar cooker]]
|File:Parabolic measure.JPG | |1 |Measure and trace facets on aluminum sheets
|File:Beverly Shear.jpg | |2 |Cut out all facets using the Beverly Shear. This process is time consuming as the shear only cuts several inches per slice.
|File:Triangle.jpg ||3 |Drill attachment holes in top corners of all facets. These should be about 1/4 inch in diameter to allow for zip-ties to easily slide through. Drill a half inch hole at the small end of the facet to allow for the anchoring bolt.
|File:Parabolic facets1.jpg | |4 |Place facets on chair and insert anchoring bolt
|File:Parabolic facets3.jpg | |5 |Slowly fan out facets, being careful not to scratch aluminum. Note: pink protective plastic is left on until all facets are securely in place.
|File:Zip ties.jpg ||6 |Insert zip-ties in each corner and attach to outer bamboo rim of Papasan chair frame|File:Sheet.jpg | |7 |Remove plastic and inspect for any blemishes
|File:Assembled cooker2.jpg | |8 |Assemble tripod. Bundle up the 3 bamboo poles and place bike inner tubes around one end. Keep doubling the tubes over on themselves until tight. This will allow the poles to expand into a tripod and easily retract down into bundle form.
|File:Canopy.jpg ||9 |Suspend chain from top of tripod and attach white metal grate with mini carabiners. This grate will hold numerous different cooking surfaces. |File:Burning.jpg | |10 |Cook, boil, and burn!
===Maintenance Instructions===
We build our solar cooker with maintenance in mind, our motto was simple construction means simple maintenance. There are very few moving parts on this project making the maintenance a breeze. There main concern for maintenance is proper storage and cleaning. Prior to every use, the polished aluminium faucets must be polished. And without proper storage, the cooker could fall apart in a few years. The main components of the cooker are the zip ties, the chain, and the bamboo rods. All very inexpensive and easy to replace. We have an extra aluminum faucet as well in case of damage to one of the original faucets, and extra zip ties to donate as well.
*[[User:Nah33|Nick Hurn]]-Fourth Year Environmental Science Major with an Emphasis on Energy and Climate at [[Humboldt State University]]
==ReferencesSee also=={{Reflist}}* [[Projects with Bart]]* [[Compound parabolic concentrators]]* [[Compound parabolic reflectors for solar cookers]]* [[Parabolic solar cookers]]
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