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When we first took on this project, we had three different design opportunities to consider and we were overwhelmed to say the least. But luckily for us, we had help from [[Projects with Bart|Bart Orlando]], a local expert on solar cookers. The first design we considered was using a recycled radar dish as a frame, the second was a portable parabolic cooker with a collapsible frame, and the third was using a recycled papasan chair as a frame. We were looking at using a recycled chair or radar dish because of there inherent parabolic shape already. Once we decided that our most feasible design would be the Papasan Chair, we had to next decide what kind of reflective surface to cover the chair with. We had to choose between a Mylar coating, stainless steel faucets, or polished aluminum faucets. Our project criteria focuses on durability and efficiency, so we decided to use polished aluminum sheets because they are highly reflective yet durable enough to mend and not rip or tear. Once our .025" polished aluminum sheet came in we had to decide our faucet designs, the sliver like triangles that would cover the outside of the chair to reflect the sunlight to the focal point. We decided to make our faucets 8" on the thick end and a 2" truncated end on the other side where we can drill through and align all facets with a bolt. Once we completed the reflective chair aspect of the project, we started on the tripod/grill rack design. We thought about mounting a rack system directly onto the chair, but the constant adjustment for proper sun angle deterred us. Instead, we settled on a tripod system made out of three 1" thick bamboo rods held together with tightened recycled bicycle tubes at the top. From the top of the tripod, we hung a 2ft section of chain with three other 2ft sections of chain hanging off of that chain. Those three pieces of chain we connected to our grill racking making a flat, maneuverable cooking surface to put a assortment of pans on. With some adjustments and tests, we were able to calibrate our solar cooker to burn paper, boil water, and educate the community about the importance of sustainable cooking practices.


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