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Appropedia:A history of collaboration

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A note left on another site[] led [[User:Curtbeckmann|Curtbeckmann]] to join Appropedia, bringing energy, new ideas and different perspectives. He put a lot of energy into gaining permission to [[port]] quality content from other sites, leading to an acceleration in Appropedia's content growth and profile. Likeminded people and organizations were happy to give permission to use their material (see below).
[[User:Goodsignal|Goodsignal]] worked away in the background since September 2006, doing important technical work.
Contact with [[WikiGreen]] in late December 2006 led to an enthusiastic response from [[User:Ericblazek|Ericblazek]][], and a very quick decision to join forces. (Chriswaterguy logged on one day to find that the merger, which he had supported, had been agreed upon and implemented by those on the other side of the planet, largely while he was asleep.) It was decided to use the name Appropedia, at least for the time being. This brought an enormous amount of content, the work of Ericblazek and ''(what's the name of other WG person?)'', ported with permission from various publications.
Since then Appropedia has made connections with more and more people and organizations:
* A long-running discussion with [[Village Earth]] led to their wiki merging in March 20062007. This was the original wiki on appropriate technology.
* Discussions with [[Architecture for Humanity]], who have set up the [[Open Architecture Network]]. Their website serves a different purpose to Appropedia, and the exact form of collaboration is still to be decided, but we have agreed to support each others' efforts.
* [[Sustainapedia]], a planned website by a group of people with a similar vision and much ambition, led by Ryan Legg ([[User:On2Leggs|On2Leggs]]), and Jim Harris of [[Cleantech]][]. The Sustainapedia and Appropedia teams quickly agreed to join forces, and are now working out the details.

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