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Climate change

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Note that [[Appropedia]] is focused on solutions and has only basic and especially relevant information on climate science. See [[Wikipedia:Climate science]] as a starting point for climate science information.
== Risk management ==
There are many uncertainties in predicting climate change. The IPCC{{w|IPCC}} considers that there is a strong probability of serious climate change caused by human activity - but not a 100% certainty. However, their estimates ''may'' be wrong:
* Climate change may be much less serious than expected, and we may have plenty of time to convert to a [[low carbon economy]] of [[renewable energy]] and [[energy efficiency]]. Or...
* It may be much worse worse than expected, well outside mainstream estimates.
It is impossible to know for certain - it is simply a matter of considering possible outcomes. In particular:
* If there is no climate change, but we have taken action, then we have invested in a low carbon economy, with sustainable communities and abundant clean energy.
* If climate change is worse than expected, and we have only taken minor action, there will be a sea rise, crop failures in some areas causing millions of climate refugees, increased [[natural disasters]], greatly increased uncertainty in [[food production]], and major costs in adaptation.
==Natural disasters==

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