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Washing and drying clothes

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→‎Water pollution: Minimize the use of detergent
=== Water pollution ===
Minimize the use of detergent, by:
* Remembering that water itself is a solvent - you probably don't need as much detergent as you're using now. Consider washing in water only, every second wash - this works surprisingly well esp if there are no stains, and especially if you have solar water.
* Following other recommendations on this page to reduce the need for washing (air your clothes to keep clothes smelling fresher longer, and choice of clothing color).
* Washing in warm or hot water, as appropriate to the clothes - only as long as you have solar hot water!
Consider these words about the chemicals you use:
:What do you do when you clean? You take dirt, you add more dirt in the form of chemical agents, and then you put all that dirt somewhere else - usually into the water supply. Once people appreciate that they make other things dirty when they make their clothes clean, they think differently about what they're doing...

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