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Category: Issues (from old Category:Rant); cleanup tag; rm " The United States $65 BILLION monthly trade gap" - not exactly a sustainability issue (or if it is, it's not explained); rm Spending $2 a day to earn $1 (who does this?)
Is this even a word ? Spending $2 a day to earn $1{{cleanup|Turn into an article with useful ideas OR replace with suitable links.}}
20% of the world's population using 80% of the resources
5% World Population Growthannual world population growth.
== Financial unsustainability == The United States $65 BILLION billion monthly trade gap{{fact}}
Chemical fertilizers growing 80 bushels of wheat on an acre of ever more depleting land
Borrowing US$100,000 at 6% interest to buy a tractor to farm 10,000 acres to net US$10,000 a year.
Negative annual savings== See also ==
==See Also==* [[Pseustainability]]* [[Shallow green]]*[[Green]]*[[Peak oil]]
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