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CCAT Climate Crusaders

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===Model Greenhouse Experiment===
[[Image:box's.JPG|thumb|Figure 1- Model Greenhouse Experiment|350px]]
The third part of the final design box is a model greenhouse experiment, the box will include two clear boxes made of plexi-glass and glued by silicon about the size of a shoe box. Using a CO2 cartridge and a release valve, CO2 is injected into one of the boxes. The other box will be left alone and there will thermometers inside each of the boxes to record the temperature increase. There will be heat lamps included which will be turned on pretending to be the sun and they will warm up the boxes, but because the first box has CO2 inside of it, it will rise in temperature at a much higher rate. The point of this experiment is to show that in a world with much more CO2 there is a much higher temperature amount than the one without or less of it. The students will use this experiment to record the temperature every 30 seconds or minutes for data and at the end of a certain time (10 minutes) they will use the gather data and create a graph of time vs. temperature for each box and they will see a steady rise in temperature in the CO2 filled model greenhouse. A picture of the actual model can be seen in Figure 1.


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