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====Die Leistungen====
Das Drei-Steine-Feuer hat die Leistungen dass modern Herden hat nichts: das Erwärmen ([[heating]]), der Insektschutz ([[insects]]), und das functionerit mit breitgefächert saisonbedingt Brennstoff können. Das Dre-Steine-Feuer erbringt die Beleuchtung wobei ein Herden erbringt nicht. "Three rock fires provide light, heat and a social focal point for family and friends."(Das Drei-Steine-Feuer erbringt die Beleuchtung, das Erwärmen und das Gesseligcenter für die Familie)<ref name="Foley" />
 A three rock fire producing lots of smoke Ein Drei-Steine-Feuer in a riparian or das Feuchtgebiet ([[wetland]] environment might have the added benefit of preventing insect bites) kann der Insektenstich hindern, wenn es dichter Rauch macht. The open fire possesses important advantages compared to an improved stove. "It cost nothing and no special materials, tools or skills are needed to construct it".<ref name="Foley" /> If the other functions of the three rock fire are not replicated with its replacement then the improved stove is not being judged and evaluated fully. "If the fire is used to provide heat or light at times when cooking is not taking place, then its efficiency can hardly be judged only on the basis of how well it heats pots." <ref name="Foley" />


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