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Energy-efficient PC/workstations

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Conserving Energy at Your PC/Workstation
= Conserving Energy at Your PC/Workstation =
There are many items at a typical office workstation that consume unnecessary power. Many aspects of a PC/workstation were considered, including processors, video cards, and fans. It was found that only three sources of excess power consumption were identified as cost effective to replace with energy efficient models. The provided ECM ([[Energy Conservation Measure]]) files indicate steps that can be taken to reduce a company's utilities expenditures and carbon emissions. The economic benefits of these energy efficient products are emphasized in the analysis.
Each energy conservation method has been kept separate for simplicity. The monitor and power supply ECMs can be used in conjunction with one another as well as the monitors and laptops ECM, however, the laptop and power supply ECMs are mutually exclusive because replacing desktops with laptops eliminates the need for desktop power supplies. For this reason the ECMs were kept separate.

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