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Category:Engr215 Introduction to Design

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→‎Past projects: added fall 2009
* Fall 2008 - [[E215 Introduction to Design projects#Fall 2008 Full Belly Project|Universal Nut Sheller Innovations]] <sup>[] []</sup> for the [[Full Belly Project]]. <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>
* Spring 2009 - [[E215 Introduction to Design projects#Spring 2009 WaterPod|Sustainable barge installations in New York]] <sup>[]</sup> for the [[WaterPod]]. <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>
* Fall 2009 - [[E215 Introduction to Design projects#Fall 2009 CCAT and Network for a Healthy California|Sustainable infrastructure]] for [[Campus Center for Appropriate Technology]] and [ The Network for a Healthy California]<sup>[]</sup>. <small>(Instructor [[User:Lonny|Lonny Grafman]])</small>
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