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Solar Lighting

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Solar Lighting Basic

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Solar Lighting is newly developed lighting method resulted by the development of Solar Technology. Several Technology makes it possible to use solar lighting in Large Scale.

1. High energy-efficient solar panels

High energy-efficient solar panels can generate enough electricity with much smaller panel, so that the panel can be mount on the top a medium lighting pole to get the best energy conversion.

2. Deep-cycle gel or Lead-Acid Battery

Deep-cycle gel or Lead-Acid Battery which will store more electricity for 3-5 days poor weather backup so that solar lighting will light up most of the nights all over the year.

3. LED light Fixtures

LED light Fixtures which will produce much more lighting with lower energy consumption. LED light Fixture can save at least 50% of energy in comparison to HPS lights which is widely used in traditional out door lighting.

How it works


Solar lighting will experience 4 stages during working:

1. Charging

Throughout the day the solar panels will convert the solar energy from the sun into electricity which will charge the battery. The intelligent solar controller charges the battery throughout the day and controls the current to ensure that the battery is not overcharged.

2. Stop Charging

As the sun sets the photocell that is built into the panel will sense the voltage drop as the panels are no longer taking a charge. The battery has been charged throughout the day and is now ready to discharge and provide electricity for the lamp and turn it on. If there is inclement weather, there are usually 3-4 days backup for most solar lighting system.

3. Lighting

The voltage from the solar panel is lower than the pre-set value. After the controller recognizes this situation, the electricity is drawn from the charged battery and continuously powers the lamp fixture. The light will stay on all night until the sun rises and the cycle is completed.

4. Stop Lighting

In the morning, the voltage from the solar panel raises and gets higher than it was during the night. When a certain voltage threshold is reached the controller will detect this and turn off the light. The battery will then being to charge itself from the discharge that occurred when it was powering the light.

Type of Solar Lighting

There are several type of solar lighting for different applications.

Mollalla Court - Siletze, Oregon 010.jpg

Solar Street Light

It's the most popular type of solar lighting that is designed to replace traditional street lights. This type of solar lighting has fairly strong lighting, long backup period to make sure citizen can enjoy lighting during the night. It has largest market, but the reliability is not as high as traditional street lights. These lights are especially popular in rural area.


Solar Garden light

Solar Garden lights are generally designed for private garden using, the requirement of lighting strength is much lower in this condition. So the lights usually have smaller panel and fixtures. People care more about the design and style of the lights.

Solar Lawn light

The lighting requirement is even lower for solar lawn lights. So the size of lawn lights are even smaller, it will have a LED light of less than 10 watts. The prices of solar lawn lights are much lower than garden lights or street lights which make it more acceptable of most customers, these lights are widely used in home and gardens.

Solar Flood light

Solar Flood light are widely used for commercial billboard as signage lighting. It is the most flexible solar lighting solution with really small size and strong lighting strength. It can be used for pathway lighting, sidewalk lighting, private road lighting, jogging and bike path lighting, perimeter lighting, farm & ranch lighting, park lighting, gate lighting, yard lighting and campus lighting, etc...

There are also several other type of solar lighting like solar traffic sign, solar bus station lighting, solar marine lighting.

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