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Snow Study Thesis outline

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Previous Work[edit]

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Design Considerations[edit]

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Design-Innovation Park[edit]

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Design- SERC OTF[edit]

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Status: Methodology complete


  • Specific investigation for a:Si
  • Grass and snow correct albedo methodology
  • Effects of new methodology on design of a PV system (Similar to third paper?)

Effects of snowfall on a PV system[edit]

Results: (to send to nrcan)

  • Albedo effects on performance - less
  • Shedding mode analysis
  • Quantification of snow losses for 2011
  • Correlation between new snow on ground and PV losses as a function of angle
    • Develop algorithm which can be refined with future data
    • Include temperature dependence


    • Synthetic days algorithm using Sandia model to interpret snow losses
    • Modified Perez model to quantify albedo effects
    • Optical algorithm to determine shedding times
    • Regression of new snow on ground with clearing times for each angle

Design of PV systems in a snowy climate[edit]


  • Optimal row spacing for albedo, use View 3D to calculate the effects of row spacing on effective view factor
  • Seasonal tilt optimization
  • Use of emissivity devices for snow clearing
    • Black tedlar backing sheets

Analysis methodology

  • Use correlation between snow on ground and PV losses to optimize wintertime angles for snow shedding
  • Use Veiw 3D to determine sensitivity of array spacing to albedo boost



  • Hydrophobic vs. Hydrophyllic vs. Uncoated
  • Quantification of economic benefit
  • Economic analysis using sensitivity analysis
  • Optical Characterization (Dirk's help)


  • Use synthetic days algorithm to estimate difference in losses
  • Use optical algorithm to quantify shedding times
  • Optical characterization using Tyler's methodology, effects on performance using AMPS

Prismatic Glass(Supplimental)[edit]


  • Magnitude of light scattering
  • Effects on crystalline panel performance using AMPS
  • Validate with test site data, would be very helpful to have non-prismatic panel.


  • Optical characterization using Tyler's methodology
  • mini experiment with Nabeil's cells

Appendix (all on appropedia before)[edit]

Operations manual and documentation- Innovation Park[edit]

  • Full systems wiring diagram
  • Commented CR1000 Code
  • Communications overview

Operations manual and documentation- SERC OTF[edit]

  • Full systems wiring diagram
  • Structural diagrams and expansion options
  • Commented CR1000 Code
  • Communications overview
  • Code requirements and system modifications guide
  • Calibration certificates and data validation

Programs to Create[edit]

  • Data import for Innovation park and SERC OTF
  • Synthetic Days generation
    • Radiation translation with perez model
    • Determination of panel temperature coefficients using Sandia method
    • Adaptive regression accounting for spectrum, snow on panels
  • Optical Analysis
    • Cell profiler batch processing of Innovation park photos
      • Account for paralax
    • Automatic alignment of St.Lawrence Photos
    • Cell profiler batch processing of St.Lawrence Photos
      • Account for parallax
    • Generate marker files for snow on panels
  • Regression of new snow on ground with clearing times
  • View factor calculator
    • View3d
    • Use with modified Prerez to properly account for albedo reflection