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RE3logoxgames2.gif is a social marketing campaign in NC to raise awareness about waste reduction and recycling.

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The campaign kicked off in 2005 for high schoolers, college students and twenty-somethings. The campaign uses social marketing techniques such as commitment, norms, incentives and prompts.

2004-2006: With funding from the EPA and other sponsors, the N.C. Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance conducted research and worked with collegiate recycling coordinators throughout the state to identify barriers the twenty-something demographic faced regarding recycling.

This data was used to create the campaign and its components. Previous media and advertising buys for the campaign included:

· commercials on Time Warner Cable (,

· panels on Mountain Dew soda cans (,

· cinema ads (,

· “Recycle It Now” billboards and radio commercials (,

· truck ads (, and

· Interactive booths throughout the state at various festivals.

2006-2007: Plans current plans call for combining advertising methods from previous years such as cable advertising, soda can panels and interactive booths with some new media approaches, including:

· Streaming of recycling messages on radio stations throughout the state,

· Ad placement through athletic programs,

· Strategic use of newspaper advertising in selected communities, and

· Word of mouth marketing over the Internet.

Partners Sixteen organizations ( have pledged more than $44,000 to sponsor the campaign in 2006-2007.

Evaluation Seven other state agencies have adopted the program since August 2005. Thirty N.C. local governments reported using the program last fiscal year. From May 2005 to May 2006 the number of visits per month to the Web site has increased by 120 percent. Further evaluation of the campaign will be conducted in 2007.


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