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The purpose of this tool is to quickly remove fasteners after they have been broken loose using a breaker bar or ratchet. This tool is meant to be used with 1/2" drive sockets.  +
A pill holder to hold daily pills for up to 14 days  +
Winnowing is a process to remove lighter particles of chaff, dirt, etc from grain and other products typically by throwing it into the air and blowing air on it.  +
This OSAT is a digital mass balance with two outputs: Digital output for data logging capabilities, and an LCD display.  +
This page contains the instructions and files necessary to 3D-print a loudspeaker.  +
A customizable open-source PV racking concept is designed, prototyped for three types of modules, constructed into systems, and outdoor tested under extreme conditions for one year. An economic analysis is provided along with a technical evaluation of the system.  +
A low-cost 3-D printable open source dual axis gimbal system is presented in this study. An Arduino based microcontroller is used to move the sample holder to the user specified angle where two stepper motors control the motion providing two degrees of freedom.  +
In order to ensure appropriate spacing and well oriented array these open-source photovoltaic spacers can be printed. The design has been created to be parametric in OpenSCAD so this design can be used for any conventional array.  +
This is a solar charger or an emergency light. It runs on a 6660 mAh battery.  +
An effective method for the diagnosis of severe acute malnutrition is the measurement of the middle upper arm circumference (MUAC).  +
This speculum takes a different design that current production models to eliminate the need for pivot hardware or large joints. The open jaw design allows for greater operating and inspection area.  +
The goal of the 3D-printable cider press is to provide an affordable means of efficiently pressing cider. With scaled-up designs, the press can be used to produce enough product to sell excess not used for subsistence.  +
Goniometers are simple devices used to measure the angular range of motion of human limbs. A 3D printed goniometer can be more durable than a commercial one. With the 3D printed version being so extremely cheap, patients can be provided their own goniometers to monitor their own range of motion, thus reducing expensive doctor's visits.  +
Small Bike seat and seat post that can be used to replace an original bike seat.  +
Carpenter knife  +
Print Out Custom T-Shirts at your Home right from your Desk with an Amazing 3D Printer!  +
This project was to replicate the already produced gravity light into the 3D Printed and open source world.  +
An otoscope is simple device used in the diagnosis of ear, nose, and throat diseases.  +
Open source design files provided for 3D printing of open-toed shoes. It is estimated that two billion people worldwide are currently plagued with parasitic diseases that could be prevented by wearing proper footwear.  +
One inexpensive way to add iron to a person's diet is to boil water for cooking with a lump of iron for 10 minutes before adding any food. Lucky iron totems composition must be monitored to ensure that toxic levels of elements are not going to be absorbed by the food cooked in the boiled water.  +
3D printable prosthetic foot design  +
Step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser out of a large drum/barrel. Also has step by step instructions for how to build a solar water condenser that is left unattended for extended periods of time.  +
Bicycle part  +
This article provides a detailed how to for construction and use of this bailer as well has some design. A discussion on the application of this system and its bales is also included as well as a brief introduction to alternative machines.  +
The goal of this project is create a safer way to smash and shell acorns  +
This 2 inch wafer dipper is designed to fit into a 250 ml Schott Duran beaker. Number of wafers that can be fitted are automatically calculated and taken into account. The user needs to think only the size of his or her beaker and ofcourse the wafer dimensions.  +
The task is to adapt a widely available thermostatic valve for use in the solar water pasteurizer. The thermostatic valve that will be used comes from the coolant system in automobiles.  +
This OSAT makes biking safer by providing a cheap, easy, adjustable way to mount a mirror to the handlebars of a bicycle.  +
An adjustable heated bed that we could adjust to heat only the parts that we want to print on. (limit use of power to what is needed)  +
This is a twisted tent stake designed for use in more challenging soil types.  +
Plasmonic light trapping technology increases the ability and effectiveness of a thin film solar cell to absorp more light and light from a larger spectrum. Article includes links to more detailed websites on this topic and also links to other appropedia sites that have to do with solar technology.  +
3D printed Alm retractor  +
Amorphous silicon is a non-crystalline allotropic form of silicon that is bonded tetrahedrally. Amorphous silicon is a solar cell technology that has a high absorption coefficient but these solar cells can be instable when light hits the material.  +
An easy treatment in the earlier stages of the injury can be the use of ankle splints during sleep which helps lengthen the plantar fascia to reduce inflammation.  +
This ankle brace is designed to be stronger and more versatile than other OS ankle braces available online. Most notably, this brace does not require any heat forming where most others do.  +
A solar refrigerator directly uses the sun's heat to run the refrigeration process and can have many uses.  +
Scalable aquaponics system  +
This project aimed to give the Athena Delta printer a sleek looking heated bed that took advantage of the printer's shape.  +
The dual extrusion solution that I have chosen is one which uses a single hotend and only requires the addition of another extruder and a printed part to merge the outputs of the two filament extruders. This solution has the advantage of requiring no additional calibration, not needing added hardware for the second hotend and inputs and outputs to drive that hotend, and maintaining full build volume.  +
Engraver mod on the Athena II printer allows you to engrave various designs on acrylic sheets, plexiglass, cardboard and/or wooden surfaces.  +
AS heated print bed also has the advantage of being able to use a surface like PEI (polyetherimide) to print onto.  +
This Laser Engraver mod on the Athena II printer will allow you to engrave various designs on cardboard and/or wooden surfaces (acrylic material yet to be tested).  +
Aurora Solar Software is a solar design software that allows for the remote design of solar projects, estimate energy production and utility bill savings, and offer different financing scenarios using some special features such as consumption profile estimations, shading analysis, performance simulations and much more.  +
This Effector for a column delta printer, like the MOST delta RepRap allows different hotend nozzle sizes to be used  +
AutoInjectors are a spring-loaded device that aides in delivering the proper dosages of certain medicines. Prototype scad files for Autoject El replica are found in external links.  +
Affordable and strong plastic grinder  +
The azimuth angle is usually measured in degrees and describes the angle between a reference plane and a point of interest. The azimuth angle can be useful in many contexts.  +
This is a Bamboo Joint model that can be used in building bamboo houses, rooms or any sort of suspended pavilions.  +
A simplified means of using natural fibres to create a menstrual pad is described below.  +
A simple tent stake.  +
Two Humboldt State University students designed and built a solar dehydrator for the Bayside Park Farm in Arcata,CA. This project was based on a set of constraints and criteria. Prototypes were made and tested before a final design was decided upon.  +
Sugar water bee feeder  +
A queen rearing kit allows the beekeeper to properly breed more queens to maintain their hive.  +
Brake Calipers are an important component required to build a bicycle.  +
The hub profile was modeled in FreeCad, rotated around the axle, then sliced with slicer and printed on a MOST-Delta Printer.  +
An affordable 3D printable cargo rack was designed for hauling goods or personal items  +
This design can be printed to produce a bicycle chain (untested).  +
This universal bike chain guard improves the safety of a bike for people who may not have access to a new bike or chain guard and is attached simply by string or a zip tie.  +
This chain tensioner can be used to address issues with chain hopping, chain slap, and rattles.  +
A customizable Bike Handlebar Plug designed using OpenSCAD.  +
A Pelton wheel takes the kinetic energy and harvests it in two ways. It uses the static pressure to push the blades and then uses the added force due to the tangential acceleration of the water around the curve of the blade to harness more power out of the jet.  +
This bike pedal is fully 3D printed and clips together around a bar/axle.  +
This part was designed to replace the original axle on my 2017 Raleigh Tokul 3 mountain bike, but could easily be modified to fit any "Thru" style bike axle.  +
This OSAT project is to build upon previous bike fender creations. This is an extension to the Duck Flap bicycle mud flap.  +
Rear Bike rack  +
3D printable design of the black mamba bicycle pedal.  +
The Blind Person's Assistant is based on ultrasound measurements. The sensor in bracelet measures distance in front of it in the range up to 12 feet (4 meters). In case of an obstacle in the range of 0.5 meters or closer, the buzzer creates a high sound and the low-power laser creates a light beam.  +
The proposed design utilizes a recycled bottle and cap (with a cap diameter equal to or greater than that of a 2L pop bottle) as a portable, durable platform for a high efficiency LED lighting system that is charged using a small solar panel  +
3D printable design for bow and hand drill fire set  +
The doughnut shaped design will not allow the arrow to leave the rest while the bow is positioned in any shooting angle, the parts are stout and durable, and in the event that one breaks, the parts have been designed to be easily and quickly changed in the field.  +
3D printable design of the black mamba bicycle brake calliper.  +
The apparatus can be mounted to a 5-gallon bucket, or larger, and would be able to convert said bucket into a shower for developing countries.  +
5-gallon vermicomposting system  +
Mosquito bed-netting represents the most inexpensive way of effectively eliminating mosquito bites while sleeping.  +
Small, easily producible, hand sized, bulb and seed planter. The current opening fits groupings of seeds or a small bulb, but can easily be sized to fit a larger bulb as well.  +
Butterfly bicycle handlebars designed to fit 25.4 mm clamp.  +
The purpose of project CCATBox was to design a composting toilet system to be used at CCAT in order to save water and recycle the nutrients that were being flushed away.  +
Building garden beds and growing within a controlled environment will make the plants grow healthier and also will prevent toxic chemicals from leaching their way into whatever will be grown in the beds.  +
This project is a solar charger designed and built by Humboldt State University students who are involved in the Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT). Panels were placed on the roof and will be used to charge USB powered devices.  +
Die "Waschen & Sp√ºlen" ist ein umweltwissenschaftliches Projekt der Humboldt State Universit√§t, welches durch Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes und Tim Dower realisiert und in der Toilette im Untergeschoss des CCAT umgesetzt wurde. Es handelt sich um eine Modifikation der Toilette, die es dem Benutzer erm√∂glicht Wasser zu sparen, in dem das Abwasser des H√§ndewasschens zum Sp√ºlen der Toilette wieder verwendet wird.  +
The Wash n' Flush is a Humboldt State University environmental science 410 senior project implemented by Jeffrey Steuben, Annie Welbes and Tim Dower which is located in the downstairs bathroom at CCAT. This is a toilet modification that allows users to save water by utilizing the wastewater from handwashing to flush the Toilet.  +
The goal of the project was to implement a solution that would protect and beautify the cob installations at CCAT.  +
This project is designed to give a basic understanding to anyone who may be interested in the mechanics involved in converting the energy of wind into electrical energy. This is a basic knowledge that could spark interest in others and initiate further study.  +
This display will be hands-on where a child can use their own power to operate an electronic device. The importance of this project is to plant the seed in a child's mind of understanding how human power is simple, yet can be utilized in so many ways. The hands-on display will need to be durable and able to withstand regular abuse from kids.  +
The objective of this project is to assist CCAT by improving their greywater treatment system. Team ECO-PLUMBERS designed a particulate filtration system, which is built to remove particulate matter from kitchen wastewater.  +
Constructed, with the help of CCAT and student volunteers, from stick frame and infilled with papercrete and clay-slip straw with a recycled brick base, and covered by a cedar shingle roof. This wall will then have information signs attached for visitors of CCAT campus.  +
The goal of this design is to allow a lubrication and chip clearing module addition to a CNC router.  +
A large solar farm (250 MW) is proposed on the Carrizo Plain that will take up about 1,900 acres. This project will benefit the area with a renewable energy source and educational value from the public viewing areas, but may endanger some wildlife in the area as it is close to the Carrizo Plain National Monument that has a vast wildlife population. An EIR was released in 2010 addressing these issues.  +
3D printable caliper. Calipers are a useful tool because they provide a bit more accuracy than a standard ruler.  +
3D printable can opener (design must be modified to function)  +
This product brings out car charging ports and makes it easier to plug in cables while driving.  +
This is a device that clips into the heater vents for anyone who owns a car. For an example, this hanger can be used to dry out gloves or similar items after a day in the snow.  +
This page lays out the steps required to convert your current Delta Athena II printer to reduce the rattling of the connecting rods during printing.  +
Increases the longevity of food by pressing part, or all of the liquid out of the food. Additionally, with minor design changes the press design could be adapted for other uses, such as for pressing ash to form activated carbon filters for use in rudimentary water filters.  +
This set reduces the cost of gardening tools not only by using cheap material, but also because it is only necessary to have one handle as the different heads can be interchanged  +
The pen will keep the canvas that they are using free from excess smudges where the charcoal would have made their hands messy. Having the charcoal in a well-protected space it will keep the canvas and the artist safe from the mess.  +
The pen will keep the canvas/notebook that they are using free from excess smudges where the charcoal would have made their hands messy.  +
Appropriate chicken feed holders can help keep feed isolated from contamination such as feces and minimize the outbreak of diseases.  +
This is a baseplate for a poultry feeder and waterer; a gallon jug would be used as the hopper.  +
The Purpose of a Chicken Tractor is to use it as a passive tilling system for a tract of land. The chickens living inside the tractor walk, pick, and eat off the grass.  +
Food dehydration is both a desirable and appropriate technology for many reasons which include increasing the shelf-life of food without having to use refrigeration, and reducing product size which can maximize storage space. Also, the process of dehydration is used to enhance foodstuffs directly (e.g. jerky, fruit leather) and indirectly (e.g. spices).  +
Makala hii inahusika na uundaji wa mfumo wa kuchuja maji wa gharama nafuu sana. Uchujaji maji unaweza kufanyika kama kuna njia chache ama hakuna kabisa njia mbadala za kupata maji safi toka vyanzo vingine kama vile maji ya mvua, maji ya ardhini (na sio yatembeayo juu ya ardhi)  +
By using a geared system, much more force can be placed on objects compared to an un-geared clamp.  +
Clamps are an essential tool in building just about anything from scratch. This OSAT is intended to take the place of woodworking clamps.  +
A 3D printable brace that can be used to treat children born with club foot.  +
Compact, cheap commodes could be used in disaster relief operations, hospitals, and households.  +
This OSAT prototype is a community comment box where members can drop in comments that can not be removed other than by removing the lock from the back.  +
The design is made using OpenSCAD and is mostly parametric, allowing for adjustments in volume, wall thicknesses, and pouring hole sizes to suit the needs of the task. This design allows for mixing multi-part resins in the rounded body of the container as well as pouring wide, even lines of resin out of multiple holes at the top.  +
Toilet seats and hinges are an overlooked item in the modern world. A proper seat and hinge provides support for when nature calls. This item may be used in a composting toilet aplication.  +
Compound parabolic concentrators (CPCs) can be additions to solar water stills, solar water pasturizers, and solar cookers. CPCs can increase the output of these devices along with their efficiency by concentrating the sunlight to make the device more effective.  +
This trowel would help fulfill the needs of affordable tools for concrete and interior work on houses and buildings in developing countries.  +
By modeling a bucket with just its top and bottom diameters and its average thickness, it's easy to design a spigot with contours that fit well. This design is expected to fit a wide range of bucket sizes effectively.  +
This device is supposed to replace the mortar & pestle by making it easier and less labor-intensive to grind corn into flour.  +
Cotton obtained from the farm can be extracted into yarn with this tool.  +
Crawler Harnesses can be cumbersome to keep in your tackle box without a holder and more often than not, if you're walleye fishing, you have a tackle box FULL of crawler harness holders just to keep up  +
Goal of this project is a design of a tool for attitude system testing for CubeSat class of satellites. It is based on the airbearing principle  +
People looking to purchase motors similar to the ones in the market  +
This is a shovel handle to either replace broken ones, or add one in where the shovel/hoe/whatever tool has only the wooden handle. Grips such as these can offer not only greater leverage but also comfort and wrist relief preventing long term injuries such as carpal tunnel.  +
These lights can be needlessly expensive, so I designed a customizable mount that can be used with any standard flashlight.  +
Printing a shovel handle is an easy way to ensure you are getting what you need and my design will make sure it is also comfortable in your hands.  +
The final goal of this project was to provide a refuge for homeless senior citizens within the compound of the Parras Desarollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) so that they can find shelter and companionship, as integration of the family and community is an important part of the Parras culture.  +
The DIF wanted to construct a space for the viejitos of Parras who do not have families to be able to relax and enjoy a meal and the company of others, and enlisted the help of the HSU Parras program.  +
A solar panel that produces enough energy to charge a smaller battery or a device  +
Instructional video for sewing the Olson mask  +
Instructional video on how to do a face mask out of a tshirt in 5 minutes and with no sewing  +
Solar thermal collectors collect heat from the sun and put it to a use. Solar thermal collectors can function as many different uses such as: solar thermal cookers, solar thermal dehydrators and solar thermal hot water heaters. This page gives several examples of each of these examples.  +
This device cheaply allows women to track their cycle easily, and can also be used when a couple is having trouble having kids.  +
Dental Chair (SCAD files not provided)  +
This type of pump uses an adjustable PVC piping system to vary both the depth of the system, and the force needed to bring up water. The pipe is able to be lowered to a desirable depth, and locked in place, so that it remains rigid while in operation.  +
3D printable kidney tray  +
Solar water pasturizers can help clean water in poorer communities but a barrier to their popularity in those countries are their high capital costs, which primarily come from the heat exchanger cost. This study explored different materials/technologies to reduce the heat exchanger cost while also optimizing its performance.  +
The presented treatment unit serves as a means to reduce turbidity in water to be subsequently treated with solar water disinfection (SODIS) technology. The unit is comprised of a well-graded sand filter through which turbid water flows and subsequently settles.  +
This work offers a primer to the topic of AWVPs, and a description of how to build a dew collection rig. Unfortunately, dewfall is not currently recorded in most standard meteorological archives; so the next step for this project is to offer a reliable means of regional assessment that is accessible to a layman.  +
This is useful for any kind of precise measurement of thickness, depth, width, and can even be used to ensure a machining device or tool is accurately trammed.  +
The current setup on the Athena II printer is not suited for flexible materials like ninja flex. Due to the bowndeth sheath setup we mostly use stiff filaments such as PLA. The new design was based off of the desire to remove the bowden sheath from the printer and to get the same impact as a direct drive printer.  +
Simple and easy to produce, temporary housing platform to to aid in living conditions after a natural disaster  +
The OSAT is Drip irrigation assembly combining the stake and drip emitter with tubing. The drip irrigation system has been around for years, but this is the first of its kind to be 3D printed.  +
This is a payload attachment for the DJI Phantom 3 quadcopter. Unlike other payload attachments, this does not require the removal of the camera gimbal. This design may be useful in search and rescue operations.  +
The Drop Spindle is an ancient tool used for spinning fibers such as wool, cotton, flax, and hemp into yarn, without the need for a large, expensive, and complex spinning wheel. This a 3D printable drop spindle.  +
This is a 3D printed Security Siren that could be used in low income areas where theft or other problems are an issue. The purpose of the siren is to get the attention of others nearby when a crime or other emergency is happening.  +
It allows people to create their own dust masks to fit the correct size (by scaling up or down), and it uses more readily available materials.  +
The objective of our project is to take organic waste including dog, cow, and horse excrement, as well as kitchen waste and recycle it. Methane is a harmful greenhouse gas that can potentially be harnessed as a clean-burning renewable fuel.  +
ESCO stands for Energy Service Company. ESCOs provide services that include developing, designing, and (sometimes) financing energy efficiency projects, installing and maintaining the energy efficient equipment involved, measuring, monitoring, and verifying the project’s energy savings, and assuming the risk that the project will save the amount of energy guaranteed.  +
Step by step guide to building a retained heat cooker  +
Electric Mountain Board  +
An electric hand-whisk is a handheld mechanism used for whisking, beating or stirring different liquids. This design incorporates 3D printable parts.  +
This 3D printable stethoscope uses an electret microphone and audio amplifier to drive a pair of earbuds. This allows for high amplification, flexibility in listening as two or more people can listen to the audio, and potentially even recording and transmission to remote doctors.  +
Here the aim is to define center area of the sample to be plated by isolating the rest of the sample and contacts with O-rings. This way it is possible to have continuous seed-layer on the sample while plating only in the center of the sample.  +
There are many components and information that are important to a solar system. Each functions differently depending on the situation/functionality of the system. This article gives an overview/explanation of each component that are most common in solar systems. These components and useful knowledge include: the solar cell, solar panel, module, charge controller, battery, inverter, loads, circuit breakers, fuses, switches, solar radiation, hours of sun exposure, voltage regulator, meter, generator, wiring, and sizing.  +
This is an Ergonomic Ice Scraper. This is a very cheap alternative to buying expensive ice scrapers. It fits in your hand nicely and also works really well for scraping ice off your car windows. It can also be used as a funnel simply by taking off the cap.  +
This fulfills the need for a comfortable cheap alternative for current bike grips on the market.  +
A portable solar charger uses a small solar panel to charge small devices, such as a cell phone. This site describes briefly how a solar cell works and lists the materials needed to build your own portable solar charger.  +
The purpose of my project is to determine the cost inputs and energy outputs of small scale ethanol production from local and conventional sources.  +
This simple device not only saves hours of painstaking labor, but also increases the viability of the nut as a cash crop.  +
The Full Belly Project is an organization which creates low cost, simple technological solutions to be implemented in developing countries. One of these solutions, the Universal Nut Sheller, minimizes the work load of women in Western Africa by allowing nuts to be shelled through this device rather than by hand.  +
The objective of this project is to reduce the cost of the current Universal Peanut Sheller. The new peanut sheller will be used in West Africa where there is a limited access to materials.  +
A simple alternative to 3D printed ear relief bands for using face masks.  +
This device is used to collect a small fecal sample for testing. This can range from DNA testing to testing for disease. Fecal matter can tell a lot about someones genetics and body function.  +
The OSAT field dressing tool allows the user to cut only what is needed from the animal in a safe manner. With this tool the user can field dress an animal faster and safer than with a traditional blade.  +
The design fulfills the need for a cheap single 3D print that will function as a ECG limb lead holder.  +
A nebuliser works by using compressed air to convert liquid medicine to an aerosol that can be inhaled by the patient. This is a 3D printable design  +
The reason this design challenge was created was to replace a poorly designed connector for an air hose on a nebuliser. The current fitting often snaps off under normal use and requires a significant amount of effort every several days to re-glue the undersized fitting back on.  +
This extruder allows you to create cheap filament from ground/pelletized plastic  +
It is a 3D printable handle that serves three functions: a razor blade to cut open the belly, a scoop to clean out the guts, and a scaler to scrape off the scales. This multi-functional tool is all that would be needed to quickly and effectively clean fish in order to increase the storage life.  +
It allows fisherman to spend their time more efficiently, fish for longer periods of time, catch more fish, use fewer hooks, and cut down on the risk of injury. This means more fish are being used to feed hungry people or sell/trade for economic gain.  +
The fishing pole rod holder is an OSAT as it allows a person that is fishing to set their fishing pole in the holder that sticks into the ground and can be left unattended to catch fish.  +
This is a much safer way to light dark areas then a gas lamp, which can start fires and releases harmful gasses.  +
The objective of the main unit is to provide enough dehydrated food to significantly contribute to the sustenance of the two individuals who will be living in the pod during the summer of 2012.  +
The Flock House project is a concept to provide a new form of housing for different migrating populations throughout the world.  +
The team was challenged with the task of developing a bicycle powered generator capable of generating 100+ watts while enabling the use of all types of bicycles. This project is intended to increase the general public understanding of renewable energy and allow for any cyclist to take part in generating energy.  +
The objective is to create a human powered generator that produces energy in an entertaining and innovative way that may be operated by people of most ages and capabilities.  +
The objective is to design a power meter which displays two types of data: the status of the battery and the power generated by volunteers for the Flock House. The display must be clearly visible from at least 20 feet and be visually appealing to the public.  +
Flowmeters are the devices that are used to measure the flow of liquid & gases that pass through them. This flowmeter is 3D printable.  +
Tweezers are used for a range of purposes, from removing foreign bodies to handling sterile bandages. However, if dropped, they must be re-sterilized, which can make routine tasks frustrating and slow for health workers who often only have a couple of pairs. This design is 3D printable.  +
A fork support is inserted in between the fork of a bike to help hold the suspension rigid during transportation the bike.  +
This segmented design is able to account for the variations in stud width (Metal Stud = 1.375 in., Wood 2x4 = 1.5 in.) and stud-center to stud-center distances (12 in., 16 in., 19.2 in., 24 in.) that are commonly used while framing. This tool is intended to make the process of wall framing easier and more time efficient.  +
A contactless smartcard solution using Mifare Classic card. Cynergy designed and developed this reader from scratch. The application runs on a microchip processor and is written in C.  +
This project is made for people who wish to pick unreachable fruit from trees. Forcing fruit out of a tree causes it to bruise and spoil quicker than that that is picked from with care.  +
This fruit crusher project is designed for less developed countries that do not have access to the technology that other countries have. It fulfills the need to crush fruit down for cooking and baking that would otherwise be a laborious task as well as a time consuming one.  +
The corner restraint is a simple design that can be easily changed through it's FreeCAD file and it is designed to be printed without the use of support material to save plastic. When trying to safely transport material, this tool would be very useful and cost-efficient.  +
The scoop allows the picker to keep a further distance from the bush, putting a barrier between them and any creatures living in the plants.  +
Fume extractor is used in laboratories to extract harmful chemical fumes  +
This GPS clip allows a user to mount a GPS to a belt, backpack strap, or other webbing attachment.  +
This OSAT is a garden hose splitter that can be used to split water streams from a common garden hose nozel. This splitter can be customized to any desired size, and can be paired with multiples of itself to further increase splitage.  +
This project was originally intended for the developing world to aid in farming and rapid planting.  +
This garden water sprinkler can be easily used to sprinkle water on a certain given region of garden by inserting a jet stream of water.  +
Ghetto2Garden is a project in the Dominican Republic carried out by students from Humboldt State University in the Practivistas Dominicana Program in collaboration with Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE), Collectivo RevArk, and Ghetto2Garden. This project provided Ghetto2Garden with solar electricity to power lighting, outlets, and a water pump.  +
The need that this fulfills is to provide light to any area without the need for a power/electrical hookup, as well as possibly providing a way to charge a phone in a certain situation.  +
This ground collector is based on the nut, golf ball, tennis ball, or fruit collectors that are on the market. Simply put, a rolling cage is affixed to the end of a broom stick and is pushed across the ground.  +
The tool is made for spreading grout for tiling. Other functions include smoothing concrete and spackling.  +
Gyratory action provides gentle, thorough mixing. (3D printable)  +
The house already operating with a grey water system will be able to conserve water by controlling how much water is used and where it drains to. The water source will be from the water catchment already in place as well. This washing machine won't demand any electricity.  +
A project where Humboldt State University (HSU) students obtained a solar suitcase from the non-profit We Share Solar. The solar suitcase is a portable, small scale solar system. These students constructed and tested the solar suitcase then gave a presentation and taught a class of college students how to build this solar suitcase and test it in a learning environment. The purpose of these solar suitcases is to provide electricity to rural/poor locations in the world. After the construction of small and larger solar suitcases for this project, some were sent to developing countries to provide some citizens with electricity.  +
This hammer is an appropriate OSAT because a hammer is one of the most basic and necessary tools to build a structure. A hammer like this would be easy to print, low cost, and fill a real need for a developing area.  +
This is a 3D printable hand drill which can be used to drill holes in any soft material such as wood. This design is based largely on old antique hand drills  +
This Hand Pump Drill is a mechanical drill that utilizes human effort to perform the functions of a drill.  +
This 3D printable model requires additional bolts and a handle of the user's choosing.  +
This project is a hand shovel. It can also be scaled up easily into a normal shovel.  +
This 3D printable device is a portable, easy to use unit that uses a limited amount of water. Could help prevent spread of sicknesses in a village or house without access to running water.  +
The hand wood planer is designed for making medium to detailed design cuts on wood.  +
This OSAT is a hand cultivator. It is used to clear land and to assist in gardening tasks. This is an appropriate tool because it assists in making a better garden that will produce more crops.  +
This part was built to meet the needs of one of our professors; Dr. Greshenson, that heads a bike Enterprise program at Michigan Tech.  +
This Open Source Appropriate Technology (OSAT) aims to decrease the overall cost of a standard crutch and to enter the specialized market.  +
The basic design are buckets that can be suspended by any rope over each other with holes in the bottom to allow excess water in each bucket to spill through and water the next plant below.  +
This project is designed so that it could be used for tracking the sun light and convert it to electrical power using the solar panel.  +
A heliostat is a device that strategically places mirrors to reflect the sun to a certain point. This point is typically stationary while the reflectors can move to track the sun to reflect the maximum amount of sun. Heliostats have applications in solar energy, astronomy, and agriculture. There are many different types of heliostats that include: manually operated heliostats, clockwork heliostats, light sensor controlled heliostats and computer controlled heliostats. These devices are widely used for many different purposes.  +
Hemostats are a medical alternative to clamps. They are especially useful when the user only has one hand available  +
Hexayurt is a hexagonal shaped yurt structure that is typically used as a living space. A hexayurt doesn't have the typical housing systems (such as electricity and sewer lines) but different methods of providing these services. The hexayurt infrastructure can be made of different materials, all serving a different purpose. This site goes into detail about those materials along with other applications of the hexayurt.  +, This site describes an option for a photovoltaic system that can be incorporated for a hexayurt to replace the need for connection to the typical power grid.  +
Hexayurt is a hexagonal shaped yurt structure that is typically used as a living space. A hexayurt doesn't have the typical housing systems (such as electricity and sewer lines) but different methods of providing these services. The hexayurt infrastructure can be made of different materials, all serving a different purpose. This site goes into detail about those materials along with other applications of the hexayurt.  +, This site describes an option for a photovoltaic system that can be incorporated for a hexayurt to replace the need for connection to the typical power grid.  +
This site describes an option for a photovoltaic system that can be incorporated for a hexayurt to replace the need for connection to the typical power grid.  +
3D printable hinges  +
The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9+ million in-use. The Philippine BioDigester Home Biogas System (HBS) is a product of both designs.  +
Home biogas system. The design of most biogas systems can be traced to either the China Fixed Dome (CFD) 6+ million in-use or the India Floating Cover (IFC) 2.9+ million in-use.  +
Wheel hoes are fantastic labor savors in larger gardens and organic farming. Folks who are handy in the shop can build one from an old child's bicycle very inexpensively  +
Honey Forge for bees that are constantly losing their natural habitat.  +
The hori hori has uses in gardening such as weeding, cutting roots, transplanting, removing plants, sod cutting, and splitting perennials.  +
The goal is to provide any number of farmers, herders, or others access to custom, new horseshoes.  +
Construction of a laser trip-wire to shut off a Delta printer in the event of a detached hotend nozzle or rod  +
An open looped, solar hot water system was repaired in Humboldt County. Both of the dribble valves were replaced for this repair.  +
A passive solar heating system was designed, built and installed on the roof of Hotel Perote in Parras de la Fuente to heat the hotel's pool. This design utilizes PVC and copper piping to heat the pool water to 28 degrees centigrade from October to March.  +
A heliodon shows the movement of the sun's movement across the earth for a certain longitude and latitude and a set day for twelve months. Follow the instructions on this site to build one.  +
This site is a personal experience about learning how to start a solar company. The author first did a lot of research online about solar and how to start a solar company. Next, initial costs were discussed. The author found some very helpful websites to aid in their learning and suggest attending trainings and classes to learn more.  +
Used to evenly water plants from a central location using a timer and a water pump.  +
Its purpose is to be able to scrape ice off of objects that have the ability to accumulate ice. In order to increase usability, the scraper has adjustable handles and extensions that allow it to be customizable to the user or task at hand.  +
This bike handle is designed to be 3d-printed. It has been tested using standard PLA, but should work with any other standard printing material.  +
The goal of this project was to improve on a previous design which targeted to make a GPS belt clip; this model is specifically targeted at search and rescue style GPS systems with a spine style mount.  +
Improves on previously wasted material, long print time, and lack of modularity of other 3D printable hammer.  +
This Bottle Stripper turns PET bottles into long strips that can be used to weave baskets, use as fishing line, use as a type of rope, or possibly even as 3D printer filament. This design spools the strips automatically as it operates.  +
A potato ricer is used as a way to mash potatoes. This ricer also has the option of changing out the mesh to produce varying sizes of riced potatoes.  +
When money is hard to come by and other tools take priority, a tool that makes a corner at a 90 degree angle is usually not high on the list of equipment to buy. I wanted to make a relatively cheap tool that can do this.  +
Insolation is the sunlight that hits the earth  +
This is an implementation of using a photoelectric smoke detector to trigger the reset pin on the Beaglebone Black Rev C being used on the MOST Athena Delta 3D Printer. The purpose of this design is to prevent and minimize printer damage, overheating, temperature runoff, and fire risk when a 3D printer is running unattended.  +
The International Solar Alliance (ISA) is an initiative launched by France and India during the Paris Climate Change Conference in December 2015 and aims to meet the Paris Agreement goals. It is relevant to countries that receive a lot of sunshine each year and the ISA helps that country to harness and use that sunlight as a renewable energy source.  +
An inverter converts DC electricity into AC  +
These locking forceps (also known as a hemostat) are considered an appropriate technology because they provide a basic human need, sanitary medical instruments.  +
The objective of this project is to build a compost system for the WCIA that will handle their green waste materials, as well as provide a nutrient source for their on site community gardens.  +
The objective of this project is to transform the landscape located at the front entrance of the Jefferson Community Center and Charter School.  +
These jigs are used to make holes to join together pieces of wood in products such as tables, clocks, nightstands, or any fine finished wood product.  +
Using light to kill germs in water is a effective water purification technique. It works by using light, sunlight or more effective, UV light, to disrupt the germ/bacteria DNA, causing them to become harmless. This can be done by filling plastic or glass bottles with water then letting them sit in the sun for extended periods of time.  +
Our objective for the water project for the 2014 Practivistas Dominicana Program in La Yuca is to replace the flat piping system, used to catch rainwater runoff from the roof, with a gutter that will obtain more water.  +
The objective of this project is to provide inexpensive potable water and water for cleaning to the local school in La Yuca, Santo Domingo by use of rainwater catchment. Replacing purchased water with captured water may allow funds to be allocated for other important services.  +
Students from Humboldt State University that were part of the Practivistas Dominicanas program traveled to a city called La Yuca in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. This group of students built a solar power system for a school there that allows the school to run lights and fans and function when there is a power outage in the area as well.  +
The objective is to fix the ecoladrillo schoolroom by adding a new plaster to the walls, fixing the floor, and fixing the ventilation of the room using natural building techniques.  +
In the summer of 2012, Humboldt State University students returned to the Dominican Republic to improve the system to simplify the process of removing the system's rotating parts. With the help of UNIBE students and La Yuca community members, the wind turbine was upgraded to be more safe and efficient.  +
The objective for this project is to build a small local pharmacy (Botica Popular) for the people of Las Malvinas, which will provide basic medical supplies and medications to the community at a much lower cost.  +
Construction of a laser trip-wire to shut off a Delta printer (specifically MOST delta RepRap) in the event of a detached hotend nozzle  +
Provide Laurel Tree Charter School with an energy monitoring system that shows energy consumption in a way that was both interesting and understandable to students of all ages.  +
The human powered blender is a device intended to be used by students in grades K-12 at Laurel Tree Charter School in Arcata, California. The device will blend food in the school's cafeteria, while teaching students about alternate methods of energy production.  +
The objective of the Current Specialists was to design, build and implement a learning apparatus to teach the difference between series and parallel wiring. The device was required to include an element of mystery while catering to grades 7-12.  +