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One of the principles of [[permaculture]] is that every plant should have [[multi-purpose plant|multiple uses]] (at least 3? Is this the same as "Stacking Functions"?{{fact}})
As well as the obvious and important use of providing food in various forms, they may provide other functions, like:
* [[herbs]], which add a lot of flavor and pleasure to the experience of eating, make simple and healthy food taste better (which can save money through buying more simple, basic foods rather than pre-prepared flavored foods), are best used fresh from the garden, and are best available on a whim, rather than having to plan and buy ahead.
* insect repellents: some herbs also repel insects.
* shade: under a fruit trees can be a great place to sit, especially in summer.
* [[companion plant]]s: This is the belief/principle that certain plants grow better together.
* enriching the soil, through [[nitrogen fixation]], organic matter or encouraging [[soil organisms]]
* attractive and fragrant flowers and leaves.
Plants which are well known for one purpose sometimes have other valuable uses which are neglected. For example:
* Plants known for their fruits sometimes have leaves and shoots which are appetizing and healthy as vegetables, for example [[chayote]], [[grape]], some varieties of [[squash]]
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