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Sustainability initiatives

Local sustainability initiatives

Please see our local or city pages via the Oregon category, where of course you can share any more information you may have about local sustainability initiatives.

Initiatives by topic

Community energy

Wikipedia: Solar power in Oregon, Wind power in Oregon

Community involvement

Oregon’s Kitchen Table

Cycling activism

Wikipedia: Cycling in Oregon (category)

Education for sustainability

Aprovecho, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to living, learning, organizing, and educating, to inspire a sustainable culture; specializing in hands-on, experiential education programs for youth and adults

Environment quality

Beyond Toxics - Freshwater Trust - State of Oregon: Department of Environmental Quality

Food activism

Huerto de la Familia (The Family Garden)

Reduce, reuse, repair and recycle


Oregon Bottle Bill: container-deposit legislation passed in the U.S. state of Oregon in 1971 and amended in 2007. It requires cans, bottles, and other containers of carbonated soft drink, beer, and (since 2009) water sold in Oregon to be returnable with a minimum refund value. It is administered and enforced by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission.
The law is credited with reducing litter and increasing container recycling. As a result, items which used to make up around 40% of roadside litter now represent about 6%. With return rates averaging 90%, another major benefit is in waste reduction and resource conservation, particularly for aluminum. By comparison, states without similar bills recycle on average 28% of their containers. Beverage distributors retain all deposits not reclaimed by consumers.
Oregon's 1971 Beverage Container Act (ORS 459A.700 to 459A.740) was the first such legislation passed in the United States.


Hillsboro Library of Things

Sustainable transport activism

Wikipedia: Hiking trails in Oregon (category)

News and comment


Depave picks away pavement to create green space, Oct 11 [1]


Oregon becomes first state to pass law to completely eliminate coal-fired power, Mar 3 [2]

Local communities in Oregon

Interwiki links

Wikipedia: Oregon


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