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Off-The-Grid Raw Vegan Community On Big Island Hawaii

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Off-the-grid, self-sufficient, raw vegan community on Big Island Hawaii

Off-the-grid, self-sufficient, [[|raw foodism|raw]] vegan community on Big Island Hawaii.

I am planning to build an off-the-grid, self-sufficient, raw vegan community at Royal Gardens, on Big Island Hawaii.

Royal Gardens was a “housing development” in process’ (roads cut through the jungle, water pipes laid) when lava came down the hill and skirted a little hillock and surrounded it, leaving a little patch of uncleared trees. Since there was suddenly no access road, the land value plummeted to ~$500/acre, while the lava field on the "flats” nearer the ocean sells for $40,000/acre.

Ferrocement construction, bamboo construction, solar heat and electricity, hydroponic food production, zillions of fruit trees, raised-bed composted gardens, satellite Internet, peaceful/spiritual people, …

Minor issue: “vog”: volcanic smog. I plan to design “voggles”; goggles flushed with clean air to eliminate eye irritation when necessary, and perhaps a full rebreather for intense vog.

I plan to buy as much acreage as possible to establish said community.

Web search for "royal gardens" hawaii


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