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Mar 17 Commons: Coronavirus is compelling the rise of the "emergency" or "urgency" commons—free, vital and fun stuff, provided cosmo-locally [1] / Category:Corona Solidarity Initiatives wiki.p2pfoundation.net


Mar 14, 2020 Citizens are acting to make networks of all kinds - humans plus tech - in response to the Coronavirus. Here's a few [2] / Coronavirus Tech Handbook


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Nov 26 Networks UK: Plastic Free Towns, a movement aiming to reduce single-use plastics in the UK [3]


Networks UK: A report from #CTRLshift2018, Apr 5, Rob Hopkins [4]



Hungary: A story across Transition borders, How the “green” and the “marginalized” can become allies, Jul 15 [5]

Sixteen Big Ideas to change the world and create a better future, Mar 17 [6]


“Local and regional community resilience building is going global” by @DrDCWahl, date not found [7]

From Oil Age to Soil Age, Nov 21 [8]

DIY networking: the path to a more democratic internet, November 8 [9] see also Spain, Greece

The unstoppable rise of 'Demain'. February 4 [10]

How to stop competing and start building community, Charlotte Millar, January 22 [11] To get the most out of a community, you need a shared strategy, a space to grow, and to practice liberation.


‘Crowdtiming’ para la movilización ciudadana, December 23 [12]

“Beyond POC21: From a Moment to a Movement” by @DerekRazo, November 29 [13]

The Transition Story: Time to stop talking about climate change? November 2 [14]

The Network Approach to Social Change, Nell Edgington, October 15 [15]


Rethinking networks as passionate human clouds, David Wilcox, December 21 [16]

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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Networks and is for news and comment in that global or international context.



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Oct 23 The first year of XR is coming up. So if we need a “rapid transition” to the next stage, what can we all learn from them? [17]

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Jun 2 Network (UK): Alternative Editorial: Capturing and Surfing the Wave [18]

Jan 17 How do we build new systems to create the future we want and change the systems that are taking us… by @jhagel [19]


It’s time to talk about We, Oct 22 [20] / A response


How to Run Collaborative Projects That Don't Fall Prey to Bureaucracy, Jul 20 [21]

"Building 21ST century community", Jun 19 [22]

Growth hacking for NGOs: Building movements with volunteers, Apr 6 [23]


“Open Enspiral: Lessons from a Participatory Network”, Oct 12 [24]

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