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# This is a title blacklist. Titles and users that match a regular expression here cannot be created.
# Use "#" for comments.
# This is case insensitive by default
# autoconfirmed: only autoconfirmed users are able to create such pages;
# casesensitive: don't ignore case when checking title for being blacklisted
.*\b(Jobs|Interior)\b.* <autoconfirmed|casesensitive> 
.*\b(casino|Game|seo|Professionals?|Contractors?|Painters?|Drywalls?|Pro|car service|Real Estate|Real-estate|insurance|forex|Penis|Sex|Dating|Nibiru|Comprar|Carpet Cleaning|saham|Fathers Day|mothers day|Father's Day|mother's day|divorce|attorneys?|argan∣acne|Supplements?|bonds|WhatsApp)\b.* <autoconfirmed|caseinsensitive>
.*(dr oz|lawyers?)\b.* <autoconfirmed|caseinsensitive>
(User:)?[a-zA-Z][a-z]*[A-Z][a-z]*[\d][\d][\d][\d]? <autoconfirmed|casesensitive>

# June 2013


# Foreign language attack, Sep 2014. Checks for beginnings of words.
.*\b(Arbeitsz).* <autoconfirmed|caseinsensitive>
# Case sensitive spam terms
.*\b(The Best)\b.* <autoconfirmed|casesensitive>